Adoption inquiry

has anyone here adopted a baby from Taiwan?

if so, I’d like more information on how to do that.

You may want to post this question on There are a couple of moms there who adopted children in Taiwan. Good luck!

Homestudies are done in Taipei at the Community Services Center … 0Study.php

There are a number of places that do adoptions. Christian Salvation Services and Cathwel are both in Taipei, St Lucy’s is in Tainan.

What nationality are you? There are other countries in the region you may also be able to consider if you don’t qualify for a Taiwan adoption.

Anybody know if one is required to go through an adoption agency in the home country as a non-Taiwan resident seeking to adopt from Taiwan, or if you can make arrangements with or contact an agency or program in Taiwan directly? Language is not an issue, nor is travel.

Terry, one of the families on our playgroup mailing list just adopted a baby a couple of weeks ago. I’ll send her a link to this topic.

My doughter is adopted from Taipei. Contact Penny Wo there - she can explane you the process for adoptions from/in Taiwan

Well, although the national law does not contain this limitation, most of the places placing children require that you be married for at least 5 years. For those of us to whom “yuanfen” arrived late (meaning IMHO that we are more mature when we marry in the first place and are more likely to be stable and know what we want out of life, etc. etc.) it is impossible to get a baby by adoption as you are required to be UNDER 45 to adopt a baby, yet if I have to wait until I’m married for 5 years, I will be over 45. The reason I believe I’m a good candidate to adopt a Taiwanese child is because I have spent most of my adult life in Taiwan; however, for that very reason, I married very late, because (see other threads) it’s often difficult for Western women to find meaningful, stable romantic relationships in Taiwan.

This is why I’m inquiring if it is possible to bypass agencies in any way. I much prefer to consider adopting from Taiwan rather than China, if we end up adopting, because I lived in Taiwan for most of my adult life, but the requirements are less stringent for Chinese adoptions than for Taiwan. I’d hate to be forced to China just because of a paper requirement. :frowning:

Terry, did you see this topic about private adoption started by wendy yet? Was that at all helpful?

She also posted here, last post on the page, and provided her email address.

I’ve asked another person who just recently met the little girl they adopted here to contact you. The baby girl just arrived a few weeks ago so they must be very busy. I’ll be seeing her again on Wed and will follow up.

No rush in any event, early days yet if that is the way we end up going. Thanks for the info!