Adoption laws in taiwan + adoption experiences

My Taiwanese wife & myself are planning to adopt a child. Both parents (they are seperated & are considering divorce) have given their signed consent. We have not yet filed the application to the courts as we are awaiting our Health Checks to be returned.
Those who have adopted a child in taiwan, would you kindly share your experiences, especially regards what will occur in the courts. The concerns & questions the courts have related to the prospective parents. Is the process of adoption relatively stress free or are there many many obsticles and hurdles to overcome? I look forward to all responses.

Also is there a english site regards Taiwanese adoption Laws.

Criteria for Court Approved Adoptions in Taiwan

I. When approving an adoption, the Court must consider what arrangement is in the best interest of the child. When determining what is in the child’s best interest, the Court may consider the character, financial ability, the family condition and any record of previous childcare or guardianship of the adoptive parents.

II. The consent and willingness of children aged seven years and above should be respected. The Court should not approve an adoptions opposed by such children unless the adoption is the only arrangement that is in the child’s best interest.

III. Prior to approving the adoption of a child aged seven years or above, the adoptive parents and the child may live together for a short period, which period may be referenced by the Court in deciding whether or not to approve the adoption.

IV. Prior to approving the first and second items above, the Court must direct the relevant agencies or child welfare organization to proceed with visitation, submit an investigation report and suggestions. Interested parties to the adoption may also submit relevant information to the Court for review and consideration.

V. With respect to all of the above items, the Court must order the relevant agencies to investigate the identity of abandoned children.

VI. When parents disagree regarding an adoption, or when the whereabouts of one of the parents is unknown, the other parent may still request the Court to approve an adoption. If, after investigation, the Court considers the adoption to be in the child