Adoption questions and answers

Hi, I created this topic to talk about the different situations that one might face when adopting a dog or a cat or any other pet.
i am in the process of adopting a dog, i have to wait for a regulatory period for the dog to be available for adoptions, and one question came to my mind, what if in 1 year from now i am in a park playing with my dog and then a guy comes to me and tells me that my dog was his dog and that he never found him and now he wants him back… what would you do in a situation like that?

Usually, the first thing a rescuer does (or should do) is to take a dog or cat to the vet who will check for any form of identification: micro-chip or rabies tag.

If anyone claims that an animal is his or hers, he/she would need to provide evidence of ownership. So, once you adopt the dog, make sure you get it micro-chipped and registered in your name. Also, keep the information up to date. Make sure you inform your vet who will register your information in a database if you change address, phone number or e-mail address.

i’ve actually been in this situation. i rescued my dog Rain ( well ok it was pouring with rain and she walked up to me and gave me big sad eyes, but i call it a rescue). I moved from mucha to shen keng and i was walking my pack of dogs in the mountians when this couple started calling “xaio hey” (little black) they were looking at my dogs and i thought, ok everyone calls a black dog here “xaio hey” but then rain went up to them and jumped up at their legs. i asked them if this was there dog and they said yes. they said they were out on the scooter and rain jumped off and they couldn’t find her. they were so surprised that she got to mucha.

i didn’t know what to say, but then i decided to look at rain. they were walking down the mountian and i was going up. i didn’t call rain, i just walked with the rest of my dogs. She followed me, so that made my decision. The couple never asked for her back, they just kept saying thank you for taking care of her.

So she chose me and the decision was made.

i would say if the dog was overly excited to see the owner and pulled towards going to the owner i would say give it back to them and keep in regular contact. then you will be able to save another life by adopting another dog. Win Win situation.

If the dog shyed away from the owner and went to you, then explain that you have adoped this animal, that the animal seems to prefer to be with you and that they have no legal claim on the animal. simple.

let the dog make the decision without any coaching from either side.
just my view.

Great story and good way to deal with it.

I agree !! very interesting way to do it !!