I think it’s a noble thing to do, but I don’t know much about it, so I was inspired to do a little research.
There are about 130,000 foster kids in the USA who would like to be adopted. They average age about 8. It takes about a year to adopt. It’s free, but you will probably need a lawyer. Just from a quick glance.
Adoption isn’t for me. I think a lot of people want to adopt newborns. Maybe that’s the hard part. Maybe that’s why Madonna wants the African baby.
I will keep researching. I’m interested in Taiwan as well. I’ve heard of people who come from the USA to adopt a baby from Taiwan.
I am glad there are caring people to give these children a good life.

My mother used to be a social worker working with troubled kids. She could get teenagers fostered, but getting them adopted was almost impossible, everyone wanted babies/young kids.
One of them became my best friend and he went on to murder his landlord. If only Marboulette had adopted him…