Ads in the "New" listing

What’s up with that? Why are there all of a sudden ads even in the New Posts thing? I see banners at the top, ads at the bottom, POTS in the sidebar in certain fora, and now ads in the New Posts? Is there no respite? I appreciate the generosity of the donors and all, and I have no problem with the banners and all, but Jesus, how much more advertising are we going to be bombarded with?

I’m trying them out. We might want to make some more changes around here :slight_smile:

Where do you see the POTS in the sidebar? I thought I removed them all already

No rest for the weary. You are going to love my next post… where I invite feedback for a new Classifieds Ads system :sunglasses:

not really happy with the ads on the new page … some people use(d) that specifically to avoid the ads …

not many options left for those of us who don’t wanna constantly deal with that stuff.

I hate ads too.

But this site is getting expensive to maintain. Who pays for it?