ADSL + hacking

I’m going to get ADSL soon and would like to know if it’s secure. I run MacOS X and know about the various software firewalls for OS X, but was wondering about possible hardware solutions and how secure they are. I’ve heard horror stories about hackers turning computers into zombies and would like to avoid that scenario. Getting ADSL through Hinet, BTW.



If you get an IP sharing device with firewall capabilities, it will provide you with a hardware solution to protect your ports.

When we purchased ADSL for our Macs at home there was a deal whereby you could get a TrendMicro combination Firewill and virus filter for NT$99. Though it’s purportedly PC-only, it can be configued using any 5.0+ browser, but requires that you be able to read Chinese…

There are cheap hub/router devices available down at Guanghua for NT$1,600 and up that will provide firewall. If you go this route make sure it’s either browser configurable or comes with Java-based management software.

I wouldn’t worry much about getting hacked at all. AFAIK, one of OS X’s strong points is that it doesn’t randomly open up ports (unlike a particular anti-competitive company). Also, there simply isn’t much interest in hacking Macs. By far, Windows computers seem to be the most popular to hack simply because of the sheer number.

Unless you plan on sharing your DSL connection across multiple computers, there’s no need to get a hardware router/firewall.

If you are truly paranoid (and *NIX savvy), I’m sure you can configure a software firewall.

If you are worried, try the link below for a shareware app that provides a firewall. Simple to use, cheap… Impasse 1.2.3, US$10.

Visit microsoft update often - say every two weeks - download critical updates - have good virus protection - update it every week.

I have no firewall - and (so far) no problems.

Except for 20 daily klez virus emails (no harm - just annoying - coz I am protected) - a firewall will not stop them - just good virus protection

Thanks all! I got the ADSL and as Roc suggested a router from GuangHua(still haven’t figured out to work it–but it’s probably my own impatience). ADSL is a blast.