ADSL help

I give up. I just don’t seem able to figure out how to get my English Win2000 computer connected to the Internet through my ADSL line. :frowning: :blush: :x :cry:

I have two computers, the Eng Win2K and a Chinese Win98. Both are plugged into a hub I bought, and so is the ADSL line. The Win98 (old computer) is on the Net just fine. The old and new computers can pass files to each other. And I’ve switched the cables, just to make sure both are OK. But I just can’t to get the new one to connect to the Net.

Maybe I need someone to talk me through this. :blush:

Do you have a static IP? Are you trying to get internet connection sharing to work? Have you contacted ax? :wink:

Dial-up from the other computer too.


Have you tried a router? Will work much better than just an ordinary hub. With ADSL you have to have the file sharing device dialup for your service.

ADSL Service --> Modem --> Router --> 2 Computers

I set one up in Zhonghe last summer. Most router’s now support file sharing over a cable modem as well as ADSL. Most ADSL uses PPPoE (Point to Point Protocol).

Hope this helps.


If you have multiple dynamic IPs(HiNet, SONet and most of the others), you just need to install the PPPoE(dialup) software on the second computer and dial-in just as you do in Win98. If you want a firewall(highly recommended for Win2k) you probably should pick up a router.

I have a fixed IP, I think. Although I am billed through Hinet, my setup somehow indicates that I am with an academic institution, which enables me to access sites that normal Hinet users can’t see (such as

I’m running Zone Alarm as a firewall on my old computer. I am reluctant, however, to install it on the Win 2K system, because I want to run Apache there for PHP and I’ve heard that Apache and Zone Alarm don’t work together.

I can’t find the disc that came with the hub, and the manufacturer doesn’t have the software on its website. Is there a generic I could use?

How much do routers cost? (I’m hoping to get through this without having to spend too much more money.) Any recommended brands?

If you have fixed IP, you will need a router or run ICS to get both computers online. Otherwise, I’m pretty sure you can get switched over to PPPoE (although I don’t recommend it) so you have multiple dynamic IPs.

If you run Apache, I’m pretty sure you just need to configure ZoneAlarm to allow access to port 80. Let’s just say that I’ve seen enough hacked Win2k computers to be wary of putting one online without a firewall.

Routers should be down to the $1500 NT range these days. However, good brands will be more expensive. It really depends what features you want.

ZoneAlarm??? that’s a real crap, it’s slow like a turtle, try Sygate: it’s much faster and
have many more features…