ADSL - how do you set it up

This may seem like a stupid question but:

When you want to get ADSL connection what do you need to do. Phone up Chung Hwa… tell them come out?

What do you need to do with your computer to set it up or will they do everything for you

Also what is ADSL?

I applied for ADSL at a Chunghwa office (but I guess you can still grab an application form at 7-Eleven and apply there). You’ll need an ARC (or a Chinese friend with ID). Shortly after application (2 days or something), they called me up, made an appointment, came to my place, installed the line and asked to use my computer for the set-up. Just make sure you have a computer ready, and they’ll do it for you. It all was very quick and has worked quite well for me up to now.


Make sure you have an ethernet card installed, or a spare slot for one. If you are more than 5km away from your local telephone exchange, be prepared for less than optimal speed.

Has anyone found a way to stop EnterNet300 taking you to the bloody awful hinet page on connection? Drives me nuts. Anyone using a 3rd party controller for the DSU?

Not needed if you have XP.

upgrade to WinXP, this will let u use XP PPPoE client
instead of EnterNet :sunglasses:

Of course I might argue that XP is not necessarily an upgrade… :wink:

If you were running ME as I was, you will definitely think it is. Much better, much better…

Hmmm. I have one W2k box and one running XP. Apart from XP booting faster, I prefer 2kPro. It’s just easier to get it to do what I want it to do instead of doing what IT wants to do… stupid animations etc. TweakUI curbs some of this nonsense, but doesn’t stop all the little background annoyances, and then there’s the whole bs with activation. 2k is also less of a memory hog. Mind you, I probably still be running NT4.0 if there were any apps or drivers being developed for it.

Thanks for the link to raspppoe, just what I wanted.

Mac OS X also includes a built-in PPPoE client. Once Zhonghua, etc. install the modem, you’re online in the time it takes to input your login and password – pretty much bullet proof. :smiley:


Not needed if you have XP.[/quote]

Thanks for providing this. Definite improvement over EnterNet and easy to set up even for non-techies like me. :smiley: :smiley: