ADSL Speed

What is the standard ADSL speed? 512 kb or 256 kb.

I’ve just signed up for 2MB ADSL with Chunghwa/Hinet. I’m loving it.

I’ve had mine upgraded from the basic 512kbs, to 2Mbs for $50 a month. It sounded like 2Mbs the way Mrs Fluffy said it, but tests show it to be more like 1.5Mbs.

See this post for current available speeds and the prices if you go with Hinet (other ISPs will vary in price for the ISP portion of the charge):

[ … 014#201014](Chunghwa rolling out 8M ADSL starting June 1

As with Big Fluffy Matthew, you may not be able to get quite the full speed depending on distance from the switch, line condition, and your hardware and software configuration.


Depends what you mean by “standard”. I didn’t use anything less than 1.5Mbps in the US but I use 1Mbps here in Taiwan. I wouldn’t recommend the 256Kbps…