ADSL Vs Cable Modem in Taipei

I am looking at changing from ADSL to cable modem and I was wondering who’s got what and is there a big difference between cable and ADSL?
If you switched from ADSL to cable, are you happy with that?

cable modem speed will depend on the quality of the cable installation in the area you live in. also, if many people use cable modem in your building, your speed will be affected. breakdown are common and when we used it, it was sometimes extremely slow while connecting to certain sites oversea. we were never explained why when we asked their support (which by the way plainly sucks). cable modem is mediocre at best…

i did the opposite and yes i’m happy :smiley:

if you really wanna change, i’d advice you to get to upgrade your adsl to a faster one rather than getting cable modem. or get ready for some serious headaches… :noway:

au passage, bonne annee!