Adult KTV (CKTV/Dirty KTV) in Taichung?

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I hope this topic is alright.

Does anyone know of some good KTVs in Taichung where they offer other sevices than just good company and singing? :relaxed:

You can send me a PM if you want to stay anonymous.


金錢豹 is a KTV/club where you may find the services you are looking for… it’s very famous in Taichung. It’s expensive though, like at least $1000 per hour, and you need to decide how long you want to sing and pay up front when entering.

Because of Omicron, they don’t have many ‘women’ left anymore, or so I’ve heard.


If you mean Omicron, they’ll probably just offer it free as a bonus.


Out of curiosity, why do you put ‘women’ in inverted commas? Is there some kind of surprise waiting for unsuspecting men who go to such places or something?


I felt it was kinda cringey to say they are running out of women. Somehow looked better with the inverted commas. Looking back it’s still cringey


Some of those here that visit Thailand can probably attest to the fact that the girls in many bars there are not necessarily girls. :wink:


$1000 NTD for ktv and other services with a girl is expensive? Am I misreading?

How old were they? Did omercron kill them off?

$1000 per hour for the KTV alone…

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I’m here to learn where these places are so I can avoid them.

Please share more suggestions of where NOT to go.


I know, right? $1000NT an hour? Srsly?

It’s only a guess, but I suspect more than a few of the girls have walked away in a silent protest against getting three jabs, not because they’re afraid of omicron or because they’re in the “mature” age group. Which, if true (wonder if anybody has bothered to ask them?) would be an interesting reference point for exactly how invasive and degrading the vaccine mandates actually are.

@NewTaiwanGuy: I’m not an expert on the subject, but I get the impression this kind of KTV isn’t the way things are done anymore. Apparently most of the girls are online now. Or so I’ve heard. Not my cup of tea, but it sounds a lot more straightforward.

Nothing to stop you taking one or more of them to an ordinary KTV having made the appropriate arrangements, I’m sure.

Jesus. Give it a rest brah. Get a hobby or something. Macrame, parcour, nude sky diving, anything.


I’ll give it a rest when the fecking politicians give it a rest.

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We’re in the fecking where can I find cheap sex forum :rofl:


Which we can’t find (apparently), because politicians. I don’t see that it’s somehow invalid to speculate on why the girls are disappearing simply because the most likely reason is the reason du jour.

I think a better theory would be patrons can’t get in without three jabs. Or even simpler people just aren’t going out as much due to the Black Death.

Girls probably switched to free lance modes.

Yeah, could be. But the point mentioned was a shortage of girls, not a shortage of patrons. And according to the gutter press, patrons of a certain age are not being discouraged from their usual pursuits.

Well, yes. That was my second point.

Thank you :smiling_face:

We all have different preferences and interests. I
respect that you respect that :smiling_face: Thank you for your feedback

Came looking for T&A, got a buzzkill.