Adult Language School Chains: What's the difference?

Wall Street, Global Village, Williams, Gram, David’s, TLI, EUROCENTRE, Spontaneous… I’m sure there are more. Do they all work about like this?:

*Pay about 500-600nt/hour to start with about 10-15 hours guaranteed.
*Mostly night classes of groups, tutoring, and going to companies. Lots of running around for the teacher which may or may not be compensated.
*A shelf full of “resources” but no curriculum or teaching plan to follow. Lots of unpaid prep work for the teacher.

Anybody with experience at an adult chain please share. How do they compare in terms of pay, hours, bonuses, hassles with scheduling, management support, getting ENOUGH hours, and getting compensated for traveling between classes? IF YOU DON’T WANT TO POST WHERE YOU WORK, YOU CAN PM ME THE DETAILS AND I’LL POST THE MESSAGE WITHOUT YOUR HANDLE.

Why do you want to know about these schools? Are you considering working for one of these schools, or perhaps you’re doing some kind of report.

He’s going to start a poll.

Or maybe he’s just looking for a job and wants to get the best deal. No sense applying to someone you wouldn’t want to work for.

WV, I talked to a British guy named Simon at David’s and he seemed OK. There has been discussion about Williams, TLI, WSI, GV etc. before and you should learn to use the search engine. Spontaneous is a franchise as far as I know. I got away from the one in Guting with a bit of a struggle, and have a friend who did some work for the one at Kunyang with no problems.

There are better deals out there if you look harder.

I’ve worked at David’s English Center for one year and everything is as described in the first post.

At David’s the pay starts at NT$550 an hour and you get incremental raises based on the number of hours worked. By law, to sponsor your ARC, they’ll give you at least 15-hours-a-week doing a combo of group & company classes, and one-on-one students. Most classes are at night, but company classes and one-on-ones occasionally pop up during the daytime too, so it’s not uncommon to have gaps in your day with nothing to do. Flexibility at David’s can be vexing or liberating. You must learn to accept and refuse hours to make your life as easy as possible. Also, there is no organized curriculum, so planning can be a hassle if you’re a new teacher. But the head foreigner will show you how to best use the teaching resources. Many David’s teachers also have daytime jobs to compensate for the lack of convenient hours.

Some perks? If a one-on-one student makes a same day cancel more than once, the teacher gets full pay as long as they show up at the school, and half pay if they choose to stay home.
For teaching outside the school branches, they give a pretty decent transportation fee depending on distance.
Management is pretty easygoing. You can take vacations with 2-week notice since it’s easy to find a substitute among 40 under-employed teachers.
You’ll get an unpaid week off at Chinese New Year with a small bonus, about NT$3500NT.
Annual weekend bus trip to a fancy resort somewhere in Taiwan, optional.

[quote=“stragbasher”]…Spontaneous is a franchise as far as I know. I got away from the one in Guting with a bit of a struggle, and have a friend who did some work for the one at Kunyang with no problems.

There are better deals out there if you look harder.[/quote]

Hi stragbasher. Did you work for Spontaneous? Why was it a struggle to get away? So there are better deals out there for teaching adults, please share with us where you work now. :smiley:

Here’s some info about WALL STREET INSTITUTE from another message board:

Full time teachers can expect

Yes, I did. Part of the agreement that allowed me to leave reasonably amicably was that no-one would do anything to create problems for anyone else. I don’t talk about my problems there, and they didn’t make trouble for me with getting a new ARC.

Let’s just say that they were an improvement over IACC, but that with experience and perseverance you can do a lot better. I found better jobs through tealit, one of which was teaching adults for Hess at various companies and Hess HQ. Tee hee. I didn’t just teach for Hess, I taught TO Hess. And jolly good fun it was. The money worked out OK too.

All the best.

PS I have several friends waiting for jobs to come up at the better places I have been working recently. I can’t very well direct complete strangers to the front of the queue now, can I?


stragbasher wrote:

[quote]I’ve been asked a few times about the ‘better’ jobs that I’m always telling people I have. I haven’t named names before because various of my friends were trying to get into them, and I didn’t want to lengthen the odds for them.

They’ve all had their chances now, so here’s the skinny for the rest of you:

Elite language institute, 02 2388 1453 - all adult classes. They do IELTS, TOEFL, TOEIC etc in smallish classes. Sometimes just 2-3 students, usually around 10. I’ve never had 20 in a class. Of course it’s nearly all evenings and weekends, and they won’t give you a lot of hours to start. You punch in, say Hi to everyone, go teach your class, and punch out again. I’ve never had a meeting, or any other kind of bullshit there. They expect you to just do your job and leave you alone to do it. There have been some changes to the admin staff recently, but I’ve never had any kind of dispute or argument with anyone there in the past and I’m still there.

Yes, they are hiring right now.

…pay better than the run of the mill places. With some experience you shouldn’t have a problem getting 700/hr, and more is possible.

Finally, I’m running a place of my own now. I don’t need anybody right at this minute, but anticipate that I will do in the near future.[/quote]

I hope you don’t mind, I condensed the info from your “come clean” thread: Thank you :slight_smile: