Adult school near Chunghsaio E. Sec. 4 (TPE)?

Are there any reputable adult English schools near Sogo area? I don’t want to commute far to teach.

GEOS has a branch about four doors west on Chungsiao.

Should I state the obvious? Just take a walk along the street, and alleys, and look at all the signs. Go in, look around, ask questions and you can probably get a good idea if it’s a school you might want to work at. When you’ve got a few schools you’re interested in, post a question about those schools specifically.

Okay, schools near Sogo. I know two. Berlitz is at the corner of Fu Hsing and Chung Hsiao and Gram at the corner of Tun Hua and Chung Hsiao.

Berlitz is an international company that puts a lot of effort into quality control. You have to use the “Berlitz method” (which I think is basically the direct method). They train all the teachers and check up on them periodically.

I think Gram is less structured, giving more leeway to instructors, which may or may not mean less attention to quality of instruction. It is a pretty well-known school with several branches.

I prefer to work at schools with a foreign teacher director. The local manager can be difficult to work with due not only to language and cultural differences, but also due to the fact that many are not teachers themselves and can’t help you out much in regard to teaching.

Good luck!

Thanks guys/girls for the answers. I wasn’t being lazy. I Did walk all over this area (but there aren’t many bushibans here compare to area near Taipei Station).

I spotted GRAM and an Earth Village (is this the same as GEOS?). What is “Air Space English Teaching” ??

So is David a good school to work for?