Adult toy intimate lifestyle vending machines Taipei

Stumbled upon sex toy vending machines in Taipei. Open 24 hours.

Where do you think it is located?

  • Ximenting District
  • Xinyi/City Hall District
  • Wanhua District
  • Zhongshan District
  • Zhonghe District
  • Xindian District
  • Xinzhuang District
  • Neihu District
  • Songshan District
  • Nangang District

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I’d have picked Sanchong…

That’s close to Xinzhuang.

Do they accept cash?

Yes, untraceable. So no one else will see it on your credit card :rofl:

Better this than another claw machine shop. Although I’m sure they are great for laundering money.

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Ximending is a neighbourhood in Wanhua I think, not a district.

I voted Ximending but I guess it could be Zhongshan or Wanhua as well.

LOL! I hate that place…

I wonder what their business is like. What are the prices?

Seems stupid to buy cheap vending machine products for electric stuff you intend to use on sensitive parts of your body. Can’t be very sanitary or safe, no?

I saw a dodgy foreigner trying to flog some DVDs outside that machine…


So what’s the answer? I can’t find it in the thread. I guessed Ximending.

Are you saying you saw @mad_masala out in the wild?!



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Won’t kids find this?

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Location will be shown after voting closes on Saturday

Since I live in Yilan I’ve always wondered why do some many people have a bad opinion of Sanchong. I thought it was some kind of meme, but then I started to pay attention to the news. There was this constant mentioning of Sanchong in most violent crimes, and so I began to think there could be some truth in that.
One day I had to go to work near Xinzhuang MRT station, so coming from Yilan I had to take the orange MRT line. When we stopped in Cailiao everything looked normal; students, commuters, kids with their parents. Then we reached Sanchong and when I read the name I thought:“Oh so it’s here, I didn’t know”, and when the doors opened it was like a different dimension: dirt everywhere, one of the lights was broken and flickering, the people looked either shady as fuck, depressed or both… It was like being in Blade Runner’s slums. Then after we reached the next MRT stop, everything was back to normal.

There’s something about Sanchong that always reminds me of the unholy Church in John Carpenter’s Prince of Darkness.


That’s what I voted. TBH not sure why.

Know I remember why: because the motorcycle rentals shop you were talking about was in Hsinchuang. I guess that Hsinchuang is your favourite place for rides…

Yeah, there are way too many dodgy foreigners in Taiwan, absolutely disgusting.

For that very reason, do NOT buy anything, not DVD’s, not anything else from unknown weirdos on the street or the public toilets where you hang out, when you can get TWO groundbreaking DVD’s of the highest quality from a reputable seller.

PM for the details.


Fleshlight FTW

Actually anywhere outside Taipei is my favorite place for rides, and Wego.