Advanced Reader of Modern Chinese: China's Own Critics

Is this book available locally ? It is one of my old university texts. I have lost my copy. I remember there were two volumes.

When I lived in Taiwan (two years ago), I never saw this book in any of the major book shops in either Taipei or Taichung. Other than by mail order, I have only seen this book sold in 1. Qinghua U, 2. a bookstore in Hong Kong, where I bought it. If you ever go through Hong Kong, you can check the Swindon (sp?) Bookstore in Tsim Sha Tsui. The last time I went there, they had all the other titles from Princeton (Literature and Society, China’s Peril and Promise, etc.). The Swindon Bookstore has one of the better selections of high level learning materials (meaning they actually have some high level materials). If you ever take a trip to China and have to stop in HK for your visa, you can do both the visa and hit the bookstores in Tsim Sha Tsui. Other than Swindon, there are two other good shops in TST: Page One and the Commercial Press.

Since it’s from an academic house, Bookman might be your best bet. Tel. 2365-8617.