Advantages & disadvantages of naturalization

Depends where you are from.

Some nationalities, like British and Australian can regain their original citizenship back after renunciation by paying a small fee, meaning they can have both Taiwan and British or Australian nationality at the same time. I’m British, so I should be able to maintain both after a bit of paperwork.

I think we get BTFO being Canadian. :sob:

Sorry, what’s BTFO?

EDIT: Oh, blown the :banana: out.

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We get screwed. I think you have to give up your Canadian citizenship.

Sucks, I personally think Taiwan will one day change the rule, so there’s still hope for you yet.

Same for us Yanks…er, Americans.

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My wife has her Canadian citizenship now. It pisses me off that it doesn’t go both ways.

I could always give up my Canadian citizenship and seek refugee status in Quebec. :grin:

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Well, you could renounce and then get her to sponsor you as a foreign spouse if you ever want to live in Canada again.

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That makes me too angry to think about…


I was bustin the balls of this dude working at the NIA and him and his coworkers seemed to think that it will happen someday.

They were embarrassed that it worked that way.

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Don’t count on that. At least a year ago the law was that a naturalized citizen loses their Taiwan citizenship if they voluntarily accepts any other citizenship. (I doubt this was enforced.)

The Nationality Act ( ), which is full of the various ways to gain and lose nationality, does not have anything along those lines in it. Is it possible you might be thinking of something different (eg rules for PRC nationals)?

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I doubt this is true, I actually first heard about the ability to regain your renounced British citizenship from an NIA officer, and he seemed to think it was a perfectly fine thing to do, he recommended it.

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They only want super duper foreigners to naturalize to be able to keep their own citizenship

Try article 11.

The translation I saw was even stronger than the one you linked to.
Reading it again, I wonder if this might be a case of loss in translation, and that article describes voluntary renounciation of ROC citizenship.

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yes, I think it says on the cases that ROC nationals are allowed to renounce their ROC nationality.

It does seem poorly translated, doesn’t it?

Looking at the Chinese ( ):


First thing you notice is that there’s no explicit ‘shall’, a character like 屬 is used for ‘shall’ in other articles.

A layman’s reading: “ROC Nationals having one of the following circumstances, with to the permission/approval of MoI, (can) forfeit ROC nationality:”

Logically, the three articles are times when a ROC national may want to give up ROC citizenship. They’re all times when having ROC citizenship could prevent you from obtaining another one you want to obtain.

This is further backed up by Article 15 - which says (approximately) that you can get your ROC nationality back if you lost it due to Article 11 (if you meet the requirements).

Article 13, to a lesser extent, also fuels the logical argument. One way to read it is that as a list of times when ROC won’t let you renounce citizenship under Article 11 (because you’ve been bad and might be trying to escape justice).

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They could have made Art. 11 clearer (by legalese standards) by adding a 得, but still, Art. 12 clearly refers to making an application for loss of citizenship in accordance with the preceding article, i.e. Art. 11.


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Has anyone seen this news?

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