Advantages of being registered in Household Registration

Dear all,

I am TWN citizen but not my wife & 2 kids (foreigners on APRC) .

I have Household Registration but not yet my Wife and Kids since a lot of documents are needed with back and forth in different offices around the world (as you might now).

My question is pretty simple:

What are the advantages for my family to be registered at my address with me in the Household Registration?


Do you mean registering your marriage?

Your kids can go to school.
It’s easier to apply for stuff for your family.


Which kind of “stuff”?

Do you mean registering your marriage in Taiwan or your family becoming Taiwanese nationals?

Yes…certifying abroad…notarizing it…stamp it Bla bla and the same with birth certificates of the kids…money…time…patience

I already went through several time for other documents and I would love to avoid it unless the advantages are bigger than the pain

No just making all the paper I mentioned for them to register in HOR office

So your marriage isn’t registered in Taiwan?


Are you a Taiwanese national?

Yes but I got married abroad and up to now no real need or imposition of registering it here

Well if your marriage was registered in Taiwan, your kids would be able to claim Taiwan nationality, passport, etc which is a huge advantage. The only disadvantage is that if you have a son, they may need to do a few months military service when they are older. Others will correct me if I am wrong, but I was under the impression you were legally required to register your marriage in Taiwan within a set period of time. At least that’s what the Taiwan Representative Office in Tokyo told me a few years ago when we were considering getting married there. Also, isn’t it illegal for Taiwan nationals to enter Taiwan on a foreign passport? @yyy @tando might know more. Your children are Taiwan nationals by descent even if you didn’t register them so you should check you are not breaking the law already.

Your kids should be on a dependent visa?!
Means when they become adults they need a different visa (e.g. work visa) to be able to stay in Taiwan or leave.

Dual citizens can enter as foreigners if their hukou isn’t active, so passport may not be a problem. But,

how did your kids get APRC? Are you a naturalized citizen or have dual citizenship and used your foreign ID to get their residency?

Well having my kids other passports they will lose them

They will not. Taiwanese nationals can hold foreign nationality. Your children will not be naturalising, so they do not need to renounce their foreign nationality.

Exactly…naturalized so I used the foreigner one in the beginning

Thanks for the answer

I thought you were local Taiwanese, I did not realise you naturalised. That may change things.

They are not Taiwanese by birth nor blood so if they want to be Taiwanese they need to renounce like any other foreigner unfortunately

They may be considered Taiwanese by descent. In that case they don’t need to renounce foreign nationality.