Advantages studying in Taiwan?

Duh sorry guys i been asking quiet alot around here , because this is the only forum where i can get to know more about Taiwan Studies. So because of my result in Singapore " O " level i couldnt enter the Business Administration course , so i am planning to go Taiwan hmm lets say their college. Any one recommend me to go Taiwan? I mean will it be more advantage than taking some private business school in Singapore where you need to study for 2 years and transfer to Overseas University in the 3rd year.

Hope someone can help me answer these questions. Thanks alot appreciate your help. :smiley: :smiley:

Frankly, from the colleges I’ve seen in Taiwan, it’s not worth your time or money to study here. Taipei is a good place to study Chinese, but you asked about business classes. It’s now remarkably easy to get in to university here, never mind the junior colleges, but I can’t see how the new, lower-ranked ones could possibly be worth your while. Most of the other students will be idiots, no studying will be necessary, and the instructors will be poorly-paid incompetents. True, you’ll end up with a degree, but if you want an education as well, don’t come here.

But is a so-called “education” at any institution, however renowned, really worth all that much, except for furnishing a piece of paper attesting to your having acquired a certain academic qualification? In my opinion, you can learn more from a few months of work, or simply from reading up on whatever subjects are of interest or value to you, than from completing a whole college or university course of any description.

Therefore, why not come and study at a crappy university in Taiwan, or maybe even at one of the better universities here, where admission is a cinch and you can breeze through the course requirements and pass the exams with the minimum expenditure of time and effort, meanwhile focusing on learning whatever you want to learn by yourself, improving your Chinese, having a good time, and experiencing the dramatically instructive contrast between living here and living back home in Singapore? You can also polish your English, broaden your horizons, and accumulate worldly wisdom by being an active participant in these forums and mixing with Forumosans at happy hours, in Alleycat’s eatery, and in other assorted activities (where, if your avatar is not misleading, you’ll surely be afforded a very warm welcome).

Then, when you’ve acquired your bachelor’s degree and notched up four highly memorable years of the good life on this unique group of islands, you should easily be able to gain admission to a decent university in the U.K. (or the U.S. or Oz or wherever, if for any strange reason that happens to be your preference), and gain the only item of certification that potential employers will pay any attention to when you seek to enter the job market and get your career afloat.

So come, come, come, hesitate not, and welcome to these alarmingly unpristine but arousingly unprissy shores. :smiley:

If you (or your parents) have money you should be able to buy your way into one of the Australian universities. I believe that full-fee students are exempt from such minor considerations as O-levels. Living costs are lower than either the US or UK and Australia is closer to Singapore: same tizezone and short flights home. Climate is closer to Singapore’s too.

The girl in that avatar photo will receive a warm welcome anywhere there are guys.