Adventist hospital/help?

I slipped and fell on my apartment’s tile steps Monday when it was raining really hard. I thought I just had a nasty bruise…but there’s still a numb patch on my leg, and occasionally a very sharp pain. The person here at ICLP suggested I go to the Adventist Hospital. I’ve seen it mentioned here but no specifics as to whether it’s any good or not. So my questions are, a) do you think I need to go? and b) is Adventist the place to go to? I don’t have national health insurance and my Stanford insurance pays nothing until the bills are already high. -_-; So cost is an issue but only to a certain extent–health is more important.


If you have suggestions please reply soon. Thanks a bunch.

feeling clumsy in Taipei,

a) YES… if YOU think there is a need to go to the hospital then GO.

b) I have found the Adventist to be the best (for me). If you end up having a bone related problem ask for Dr Tsai - great guy, perfect English and super patient. They have always ensured I have an English speaking doctor to help me.

I also suggest you visit a hospital and get it x-rayed - and perhaps improve your health insurance coverage.

I went to Adventist hospital and was very happy with the service, speed and cost. They were very efficient, I was able to communicate in Chinese or English as I liked, and at $55 US for the whole thing (including x-rays and meds) it was very cheap compared to the US.

The doctor’s English was more than sufficient (he even mentioned “R. I. C. E.”–heh), although the X-ray girls’ English was even better.

And Rascal, you are right on–if I were staying for more than 9 weeks I would get more useful insurance, and if I come back again for any length of time that’s what I’ll do.


(By the way, there was no fracture)

(By the way, there was no fracture)

Good to hear that!