Advice for cable modem/ADSL; how to schedule install. online

Does anyone have the lowdown on the best deal for high speed internet access? We’ll be returning to Taiwan soon & hope to schedule installation ASAP. I hope I’m not asking sthg that has recently been covered as I’ve been in France & the U.S. this summber, thus out of the Oriented/Segue loop for a while… I did try the “Search” on both “Cable” and “ADSL” & only got an apartment listing.
I was thinking of using cable modem service from ET Home, but supposedly they can’t install above the 5th floor in our building (& we’re on the 11th). They suggested ET Home ADSL, which seemed to have the benefit of a phone line w/free installation (I think that Chung Hwa charges around NT$3000 for installation).
fyi,we had a cable modem from ET Home last year, & it was decent (usually 20-30kbps/s d/l’s, sometimes as high as 300kbps/s, sometimes as low as 5, every once in a while non-functional… )

What would you recommend?
How much does it cost per month?
What if we pay for 3 or 6 months at a time (is it cheaper than paying monthly)?
What is the minimum contract length?
How much is the cancellation fee (e.g. if we must sign a 1 yr. contract 8/21/2002-8/21/2003, but leave Taiwan next June)?
Can you sign up using your passport # or must you have an ARC?
I’m should to have a work permit by mid-September…
How long do you have to wait for installation?

We’d also like to schedule cable TV installation…

Is it possible to schedule ADSL (if that seems to be the best choice) & cable TV online?

p.s. Thanks for Cai Niao compliment, whoever put it there. :shock: Anybody know where it came from or how to get rid of it? Actually, I should admit my ignorance right now (since I’ve just seen it in others people’s posts as well)… I won’t confess that I was thinking Cai1 Niao4 & reveal my paranoia… What does it mean anyway?
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Here’s the info I have at the moment, along with some questions for the friends who are helping me… Thanks Luke, Samuel, & Chanel!!!
I know some people are pro’bly going to rip me for a) not having all the facts; b) very possibly having some mis-info; & c) having lot’s o’ questions… But I hope that this helps some folks, & that some of you can fill in the gaps so I can update this post with the correct info & get ADSL & cable scheduled before we return to Taiwan!!!

Luke, Samuel, & Chanel,
Does the information below (Taiwan ADSL Comparison) seem right? NOTE: I put ??? where I have questions.
I’m still not sure of which company is best, nor whether I can schedule installation through their web site…
What about cable TV?

With each ADSL company is it necessary to first call Chunghua Telecom & ask them to install a phone line (that’s what someone has told me)?
If so, can this be done at the Chunghua website? Could you send me the address of that page?
How long do you have to wait for installation?
What is the price? $3000?
Do you have to wait until the phone line is setup before you can install ADSL?
If there is indeed a $3000 phone line installation fee, then mabye I should be checking into cable modem internet access…

Btw, we have a phone line in our apartment, just no phone service…

Thanks, :slight_smile: :slight_smile: :slight_smile:
Taiwan ADSL Comparison: ET Home, Chunghwa Telecom, Seednet

ET Home

according to one friend:
1,2,3MONTH 168(ET HOME)+595(Chunghua)=$763/month,
4,5,6,7,8,9,10,11,12 MONTH 276(ET HOME)+595(Chunghua)=$871/month.
adsl installation is $1500
Chunghua phone installation is $3000
So looks like 3 x$763 + 9 x $871 = $10128 + $1500 + $3000 = $14,628/year…

yikes! That seems like a lot more than Chunghua or Seednet…
OHHH! VERY IMPORTANT… What if I only want to use the phone & ADSL for 11 months (for example, if I sign up in September but leave Taiwan next July)???

Chunghwa Telecom

Installation: $500 (waive $1500 phone install.???)
No one/two year contract; you can cancel (phoneline & ADSL???) at any time…

A. Normal Plan … ?CatID=640
CHT ADSL fee is $299~499 (depending on usage)+595= $894~1094 per month.(512/64)
=$10,728 - $13,128/12 months (plus installation $500???)

B. CHT ADSL special project
Installation: $500 (waive $1500 phone install.???)
1st 2 months $595/mo.; months 3-8 $850/mo. (255+ 595); after 9 mo.s original fee of 595 + 299 ~ 499 (depends on usage)
= $894 ~ $1094/mo.
= $7596 ~ $10666 per 12 months (plus $500??? installation)

  1. It’s for wireless ???
  2. free dialup account, but $100 minimum fee per month. Don’t use it.
  3. free netcard, but you set up it yourself.
  4. get tel line and no bothering instrunment. ???


Installation: $500 (waive $1500 phone install.???)
One year contract required, $750 cancellation fee
free 1500 (install???); 30MB net harddisk;5 IP(dynamic); no virus mail box one month (what about after 1 month???); dialup free; 5 free movies; free voice on IP

A. Standard Plan (pay monthly):
The seednet adsl fee months 1~3 only $595/mo.; months 4~8 $249+595=$844/mo.; after $450+595=$1045/mo.
= $10,185/12 months

B. Pre-pay plans (signup before Sep. 30th):
Plan 1: Prepay $1,999 for 1st 5 months & get a free web cam; months 6-8 $844/month; after 9 months $1045/mo.
= $8711/12 months
Plan 2: Prepay $888 for 1st 5 months & get a free hub; months 6-8 $844/month; after 9 months $1045/mo.
= $7600/12 months


[quote=“matthew”]What does it (Cai Niao) mean anyway?[/quote]It means greenhorn, rookie, or someone “wet behind the ears”… :laughing: Keep posting and it will be replaced by something equally offensive. :shock:

Below is Luke’s reply which sheds a little insight on the overall situation & clears up the install price ($1500 for both ADSL & phone line I think) & seems to point to CHT (Chunghwa Telecom) as the choice at the moment…
I’ll try to update my above post when I get time.
Not like US telphone companies, but Taiwan telphone company, CHT, is the only one corporation in Taiwan. Although there is a little tel. companies establishing recently, the CHT is still the bigget corporation in Taiwan. If you want to use the ADSL service “on” the “telphone line”, you must pay the telphone translation equipment fee(NT$595/month) to CHT whether you use the CHT ADSL service or not. Unless you choose the other telphone companies’ telphone service like ET telcom, Sparq

When you apply a ADSL service, the ISP will help you to apply the telphone translation service from CHT. You don’t need to apply it by yourself, and the fee is NT$1500 which will cost you in your next month telphone bill.

From my friend’s experient(CHT ADSL), she applied the service and CHT dated her a time to install the telphone translation equipment, the waiting is about 7 days.

I don’t know the others, but we think ,for more convenient that we will choose the CHT ADSL. After all we can set up our ADSL at the same time. And there is a theory “the watermelon is beyond the big side.”

You are welcome.


I weill be in Kaohsiung near Kong Shian do they have it there? There is already phone line can I just use that or I need addition line just for adsl? I am wonder how is the tw dsl different from usa dsl thanks