Advice for renting apartment in Taipei

I am an american who will be living in taipei for 3 months maybe longer starting june 17th. I am renting an apartment with a friend who I am going with and he lives in Taipei. I am having probblems finding places on the internet that are in english. For rent is 8,000 to 9,500NT alot of money for an apartment. This is my first time to Taipei I mostly hang out in shanghai bejing and hong kong I have lived in each place for a month or more renting so I have exp with renting overseas :smiley:

Depends on where you are.

NT$8500 is very cheap for a flat in central Taipei.

It slightly above the market price for a flat in Yangmei, which is one hr away from Taipei.

Downtown area in the center of taipei near where my roomate goes to college

I used to pay nt$14k for a studio.

what it descent I might consider renting something like that any chance you could send some info on it :smiley:

Try Tsui Ma ma, or go to the notice board at MTC, National Taiwan Normal University on Heping Rd, Section 1.

I think there’s some information on Tsui Mama somewhere in the archives.

Yours truly live in Yangmei, and only ventures into Taipei on rare occations.

You can get a room for NT$8000, and that should be decent. You can’t get a whole flat, unless you are willing to commute for 1+ hour every morning.

Copied from my replies to another similar thread:

During my own housing search a little over a year ago, I’ve found that for something like a 15 ping studio with loft, the going rate in Taipei City for a clean, less than 15 year old place is around NT$15K and above.

Anything less than that, it’s either old, dirty to the point that only a remodeling can clean it up), or it’s not in Taipei City.

The prices drop a lot when you leave Taipei City, and live, say, in Chungho, Yonghe, Sanchung, Hsintien, or one of the other areas in Taipei County.

Based on all the places I’ve looked at in various parts of Taipei city, it’s possible to find a place for under NT$10K, but it’s going to be one (or more) of:

  • barely larger than a closet
  • old
  • dirty to the point that only a remodeling will clean it up
  • in Taipei County
  • a room in a shared apartment or a family renting a room of their apartment

Also, there are the rooftop additions, which are generally cheaper if you’re willing to live with some of the disadvantages:

  • if it’s a building with no elevator, that’s a lot of stairs to climb each day
  • sometimes they have no air conditioning (and get really hot in the summer)
  • often times they are illegally built, and not to code

then you can probably find one of those for NT$10K/month or less.

Here’s a thread finding about somewhere to rent:
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