Advice needed on used scooters

Having never owned a motorcycle or car back home I’m really not familiar with how to tell a well-maintained bike from a money-pit. What kind of specifics could I check for at first glance? Any maintenance differences between two stroke and four stroke bikes. How many clicks is your average 125CC bike good for (100,000 +?). I’m totally clueless here, so if you have any suggestions or know of pertinent web-sites with info please help me out.

Thanks muchos.

Hey… perhaps someone also knows of a reliable and impartial shop that will ‘appraise’ or assess bikes for a small fee.


I think this thread might be of interest. Click HERE to get there.

Thanks, Maoman. I read through this thread, but it doesn’t seem to have any info on how to assess used bikes.


In my experience (having been suckered into my fair share of lemons here), even if you have bought and sold used bikes in your home country for many years and fancy yourself as an amateur mechanic, if you have no experience of buying used bikes in Taiwan, FIND A FRIEND WHO DOES.

Dealers here are expert at making a heap of crap look good and you really need to be extremely careful unless you know your seller. Don’t even think about judging by the number of miles on the clock, for example, as this is one of the easiest things to fudge.

Maoman’s guy has a very good reputation, so you’d probably be OK going there. Apparently, he’ll also do an appraisal for you.