Advice on how to open a buxiban/cram school, language school

yes, but can any building in theory be registered?

ok, fire inspections? what are the requirements? two exits? fire extinguishers?

Or you better have enough guanxi that you’re told when the fire department is coming so you can pretend everything is up to spec :joy:

I would only do it properly. I wouldn’t risk lives. Also…No Guanxi!!strangers don’t like me and people who know me hate me.

if the school has students younger than 6, it can’t be on 4th other higher floor

you could check building code etc.

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I know for “non educational experimental schools” (aka, any private day schools that aren’t TAS and TES), it’s supposed to be “in practice on the first to fifth floor of a building” or something. I know I read that on an English version of a Taiwanese laws website. Any commercial space that fits the bill is acceptable. I would imagine cram schools are the same.
Absolutely do not plan to use a basement for any purpose unless there are large windows (adult human could crawl though) and at least two stairs exits, even if you technically could use it. It shocks me how many schools get reported for use of windowless, one-Exit basements, make up some excuse about “redoing the floors” while they wait out the inspection, and then go back to cramming tons of kids into the death traps (in the case of an earthquake.) I’m not surprised they clearly aren’t fined for it. What surprises me more is that the parents don’t seem to care at all.

The width of the street is one thing. If I remember right it had to be an 8-meter wide lane at least. Having viable escape routes is important, including unobstructed paths to the street from windows for escape hoists.

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I agree. No basements. my thinking was about the small schools which are basically in apartments. I used to study in a Chinese school on the 4th floor. Below, across and above were all normal apartments with families. Dont they complain?

Yes, this is the kind of info i was looking for

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Pretty sure in TW you don’t have a choice what your neighbors decided to do if the space is zoned correctly. I’ve lived in a number of apartments that were zoned for residential or commercial, renter decides what to do with it. Plenty of people lived in the space and used it for business. If a neighbor decides to open a KTV, there’s not much you can do about it unless they’re breaking other laws. (more reason to never own property in TW. At least in the US your “mixed use” buildings have clearly designated commercial units vs. residential units and it’s strictly enforced in any neighborhood safe enough to live in.)

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Need to fireproof the walls, even though they are already concrete. :thinking:

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Ok, found some info. The school should be minimum 70m². The classrooms should be 20m².
If it is a foreign owner, the manager should be local. why?

My wife seems to think that she can’t be the manager because her degree is from an uncredited uni. She said that she couldnt be the official manager when she was at big cram school. Not sure about that!

God only knows :slight_smile: In the past they never seemed concerned about what the “manager” was actually doing or if they ever even came with 100km of the school. They do so many things like that. It should say on the info if there’s any educational requirement for them.

it says.

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My wife couldn’t find it but she is convinced that having a degree from an accredited uni is a requirement because of her past experience. If she is right, she could be the owner and I could be the manager I guess.

That 20m2 requirement for a classroom surprised me. I’ve defo taught in classrooms smaller than that.

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Isn’t this a weird requirement? So if you open a dance school, a Kung fu school etc, you need to have gone to uni? Why?

it’s possible when the school is a language school for adults, iirc

So I can’t be the manager if it for kids?

there are two kinds of short term supplemental schools. Dance class and buxiban have different requirements.

Its junior college degree or equivalent, not univ, though

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iirc it’s 30m2, and 2m2 per kid

She just read 20m2 and 1.2m2 per kid. Caged chickens. Were you in New Taipei?

No school in Taiwan would meet the 2m2 requirement.