Advice on teaching CNY Winter camp

Hi guys,

Just a quick one. I’ve been approached to teach at a local University’s winter camp over CNY. I have a bog standard ARC with a bushiban.

The bushiban are fine with me teaching. The problem arises with the University who have already been approached by a representative of the Labor board. The university are asking for a written statement from my employer and will be charging me taxes and NI deductions for any wages earned. There have been a few busts for illegal teaching down here (Tainan) and I’m a bit concerned about giving all my details, only then to be pulled up for teaching illegally and subsequently deported. I was under the impression that I could only work with the school that is on my ARC.

Does anyone know if a temporary agreement can in fact be made with my school and a university? Whether or not the University should be taxing me (I usually pay my own taxes)? And any pointers or links to the relevant laws.

Any advice appreciated.


I’ve never heard of a way that could be done. I too believe you’re specifically supposed only to work at the location on your ARC. What is the statement for?

The university will need to provide you with a work permit.