Advice on Transferring ARC

I want to quit my teaching job because I’ve just been given a job offer to work as a technician in Taiwan. The problem is that I signed a 12 month contract. But i really want this new job because it would be so much better for my career. My contract states that if I leave early I must pay $50,000 NT plus another $10,000 for the ARC application process. I’m willing to part with this huge chunk of cash to get a better job, even though I’ve read here ( … 70&t=80552) that this is in fact illegal and I might be able to fight them to keep my pay. While it would be nice to keep the money, my top priority is to maximize the chances of transferring the ARC to my new job.

Based on what I’ve read, I need my current employer to sign a “Termination of Employment” form in order to make this happen (right?) My contract actually states that the employer and myself must sign the “Termination of Employment” form, so that should be easy. But suppose they refuse to sign it or drag their feet to prevent me from transferring the ARC (I’ve heard some employers in Taiwan might do that): Should I not tell them that I am transferring to another job? Or should I lie and tell them that I’m taking a job in another country? I plan to leave this job anyway, even if it means leave Taiwan.

As best as I can tell, the benefits of telling them the truth about my new job in Taiwan are that:
-If we come to an amicable agreement, they will cooperate with transferring the ARC

The benefits of lying:
-They probably won’t consider trying to block my ARC transfer.

So what’s the latest back story on transferring ARCs? Do I need the termination form? Should I lie to my boss about my new job? Should I just surrender a month’s pay to avoid complicating matters? Any advice much appreciated, regards.