Advice on trip

Hey everyone - i was planning on arriving with a 2 month visa, travelling for the first few weeks and then starting off in early-mid July with a job search and I assume my new employer would help me get a new visa. Does this sound pretty feasible?

Also I’ll be heading over with people I know that I could cite as contacts there, what reason should I give for my visa to ensure I get the longest one possible? I could put studying chinese but I won’t have a school lined up beforehand.


Hey JBaroh,
I don’t think you’re giving the peeps enough info to speculate on your plan. Do you have teaching experience? Good qualifications? Connections at schools here? If you have none of the above, I think you might have a hard time travelling, getting a good job and getting an ARC processed in two months. It takes a good chunk of time just to get the ARC processed these days. If I were you, I would anticipate the possibility that you might have to do a visa run. And no, don’t put study as your reason for needing a visa if you don’t have the paperwork to back it. Unless you have family here, accept the fact that you’re going to be stuck with a two month visa. Believe me - I worked every angle I could think of when I was applying for mine!

Best to line up some job interviews before you come here, and try to get a job asap so as to avoid having to do a visa run (unless you have a lot of money, in which case you can do what you want). You could do some traveling around Taiwan whilst waiting for the work visa to be processed. However, most schools allow you to start working before the work permit is processed, and they may want you to start work right away.

If you are coming from a western country, you should be able to get a 2-month visa, but if you are in Asia, 1-month is the norm.