Advice on tyres please

My tyres could do with changing looking a bit perished and I took a chunk out of front one, recently bought the bike I feel seller maybe put old set of tyres and rims on.
I completely new to road biking so not sure what to replace with, I think tyres are tubeless but don’t know. Tyres replace really but any recommendations on rims may go with.
Rims are Giant SR2 shod with Giant Gavia race2 700x25c.
Looking I find Gavia race0 with kevlar on Shopee 1275twd that’s ok with me.
Tried to upload photo of bike but won’t upload, possibly overdone my limit.
Same bike on this post

You could try Continental GP4000 S2. One of the most popular tires in the world. They should run you around 900-1400NT a tire.

Not sure how available the GP4000s are now as they have been replaced by GP5000s possibly a cheaper would be something like Panaracer Evo 4’s Type A, running around NT$ 900 each.

Doesn’t matter of the current ones are tubeless, you can still put tubes and clinchers on.

Thank you for replies, I’m now pondering Continental if I can get? Panracer if I can’t
Both get excellent reviews.
In the end what I can get and how much.

Shop is located here if you want to pick it up

No. 2號, Lane 225, Section 1, Zhongyang South Road, Beitou District, Taipei City, 112
02 2893 2666

Hi Ramlee,
I have ordered on Shopee this Saturday the Continental ones at 1050twd each I thought was reasonable, difficult to find 25c but did in the end.
Ship to 7/11 tomorrow.
Regards David

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Good luck and have fun! 1050 isn’t a bad price.

eBay UK 2070twd so happy with the price really.
PS: may need advice on fitting? I read place valve side last? doesn’t make sense to me and I never have.

Personally, I do valve part last. I don’t know why, but that’s how I learned and that’s how I have been doing it.

GCN does a good tutorial. It’ll take some time if you haven’t done it before, but just be patient.

This one is for when you get frustrated

Thanks for tutorials, I’ve actually done it hundreds of times even motorbikes, never a road bike so interesting angle as supposedly difficult.
Looking forward to it.
Any recommendation for a pump I will need.

I’ve actually gone through multiple pumps and later found out, it’s worth spending a bit extra on pumps. I started with a Giant pump that was 600-900NT, I thought it was good despite it breaking after a few years, so I bought a 1000NT+ pump that I forgot the brand name for. Two pumps in 1.5 years. I don’t know how or why, but they just broke.

I then later bought a more expensive pump at around 2500-3000NT and it’s been working for nearly 2 years now. No issues in sight.

Can consider this:直立式高氣壓木柄打氣筒-200psi-i.60899589.1077423487

Does look good costs more than the tyres! one to think about.

Personally, I have found that spending more initially will save you a lot of money in the long run.

I grew out of some things and/or mid-low end accessories broke or got worn out from use. Most of these were essentials, so I had to re-purchase them. So, usually when people ask me for suggestions, I tend to push the more expensive item.

Yes that’s best way of thinking.
Pain in the butt, existing tyres are tubeless so now I have to buy tubes, any recommendation for them. Prefer if I can just go to a shop and buy but I’m not using MRT Covid-19: so close to YongHe that accepts Apple Pay broken my debit card so no cash.
I know of this 捷世乐单车休闲捷世乐单车休闲 ‘Jesler Bikes’ fairly close you know of them?

Being impatient today I went to Decathlon, bought a pump and 2 tubes as I know they Take Apple Pay.
Possibly one easiest tyre changes I’ve ever done! online lots of fuss made about road bike tyres, Continental must be the easiest brand I guess.
Try them out later.

Tyres are really good do all that it says on the box, very pleased.
Many Thanks.

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