Advice on who to send complaints to

I need some advice on who to send complaints to. I recently had to return home from Taiwan due a family emergency. I emailed him telling him why I had to go and that I would let him know when I would be returning. Basically I was lending a car from him, that he wanted me to pay for. My agent has the keys to the car and knows where the car is. Now my agent/boss is saying that he has reported the car stolen to the police, that if I return to Taiwan I will be arrested for car theft on the spot. Now we all know Taiwan and this will more than likely happen, even if it’s proved false later. So I now will not be returning to Taiwan because he is preventing me.

He is saying the I owe him money, I don’t believe he can prove it or has a leg to stand on, but I want to know where I can lodge complaints about his threats. His threats include sending his friends to hurt me in Australia. He believe he can chase me in Australia for this debt, which is quite funny. Apparently for someone to do that in Australia the debt must be over $250,000 Aus, and he would have to find some way of proving it first. Even if he can get someone in Taiwan to believe his dodgy paperwork in Taiwan and get a judgement, it is not enforceable here.

He is also an illegal agent. He is under reporting his tax payments. He is taking illegal deposits from teachers. The school that is named on my ARC I haven’t even heard of, I have no idea where it is. He also employs teachers in Kindergarten. I have emails from him stating that he is willing to let teachers work in kindergarten even if it’s illegal, that he will pay the fines. He also promised guaranteed salaries, which he failed to provide and stupidly put that in an email to me. Who can I report all this to? Can someone give me an email address? The more people I can report this to the better. Do you think the newspapers in Taiwan would be interested?

Any advice and help would be appreciated.

I know police here can be arses but if they’ve no evidence they can’t do anything can they?

Oooooh! I bet you’re terrified.

I don’t think now is the time to report anything. If you want to return to Taiwan, just don’t go to Chiayi. If you come back and the authorities do ever contact you, you can then use your own evidence against the guy; case closed before it even started. You can post his name and school on Forumosa if you’d like to help other teachers.

No. You didn’t work for a chain school, no histrionics to be had there.

This guy is an agent, he is fleecing money off teachers left, right and centre. I’m thinking the right thing to do is to stop him from doing this to other teachers. Btw he was in court a while ago for taking a baseball bat to teacher he didn’t like, but he wasn’t worried, in his own words “just pay money, no problem”. He is well known in Chiayi and Tainan and most of his teachers are South African, straight off the plane.


I hope somebody here can help you.

I also hope your side of the story is properly documented and you are squeaky clean. Otherwise it may be wasting effort.

I don’t think you can do anything about threats. Per my knowledge, restraining orders are available in Taiwan ONLY in cases of domestic violence.

If you want, however, you could register the threats with the police in Taiwan. You can inform the police that this person is threatening to harm you and identify him as well as possible. Then, you inform the person threatening you that the police have on record his identity and his threats and that should anything at all happen to you he will be the prime suspect.

That may not be very comforting… but, its the only thing you can do AFAIK.

Any other lawyers have any other comments/suggestions?

I’m not a lawyer, but registering a statement with your own embassy or representative office including any evidence you have might not be a bad idea…just in case you need it later.

Great suggestion, ironlady… even though you are not a lawyer… :wink:

Just something I picked up during the famous Glossika episode a few years back… :smiley: thankfully the statement I filed was never needed!

Thank you for that. It makes good sense.

Do you have any suggestions regarding the other things? Do I report him illegally employing me to the Department of Labor Affairs? If so, any ideas of the website or an email address? I’ve been trawling through the Internet and following government links but I can’t find it anymore.

You could report him to the Labour Affairs council, but don’t hold your breath. I reported my employer for attempting to terminate my contract without giving me any reason and they did absolutely nothing; they behaved as if it was all a great inconvenience to them and would I please mind going away. In the end I had to threaten them with legal action and they finally backed down.

If there are so many of you getting fleeced why didn’t you all get together before now and report him? Or are you looking for revenge?

You could also tell your representative office but I don’t think that will have the power to deflect his baseball bat.

Damage him by posting his name and school on this website.

Up to the present time I do not really believe that the Taiwan government hierarchy pays much attention to email.

I believe that the most efficient way to get any sort of action is to write out your complaint in Chinese, and send it to what you feel is the relevant government department. (If it is actually not their concern, they will then forward it to the appropriate government department.) If you can’t put it down in Chinese, have a friend do so. Try to keep it to one page, or at most two. If you have additional descriptive data which is extensive, just include it as an attachment, and not in the main “body” of the inquiry letter.

This “method” is valuable because if you actually get a meaningful reply, you then have a piece of paper which you can show to all other interested parties, public or private.