Advice - Renewal of ARC and workpermit

I’m leaving at the end of September and would like to know the procedure in renewing my arc/workpermit etc. I’ll be going home for 2 months(lucky me) and my arc expires some time in November.

I would like to make the procedure as painless as possible and would like to get the ball rolling before I leave Taiwan to make sure that when I arrive back in Taiwan I don’t have to wait for all the paperwork to be done.

Thus what can I do before I leave???
Can I do my medical before I leave?
Must the school give me some sort of letter stating that they are going to re-employ me once I get back(Can I use such letter for my visa application in my home country - instead of saying that I need a tourist visa?)
Can my school start doing some paperwork before I return?


Good questions, but I don’t the know answer. I haven’t found myself in that situation. I guess the main question is how soon before the expiration of one’s work permit/ARC can the renewal process be started. Have you asked at your school yet? (not that you ought to trust that they know all the regulations) Maybe you can inquire at the Ministry of Foreign Affairs. Or, even better, maybe someone who has “been there, done that” can respond and let you if it’s possible. It seems that you can always get a visitor visa that will get you through the month or two it takes to finish the application for the new work permit/ARC.