Advice: US citizen overstayed passport and banned for year

Hello all,
I visited Taipei and overstayed the 30 days visa exempt passport entry on a recent vacation to Taipei. I wasn’t working, I took a class for one month and had 2 months of vacation after that (Feb, March, and April). I miscalculated my dates and was banned for 1 year~ I assumed it was 90 days and didn’t notice until I stayed over the 30 days. I overstayed for around 2 months.

I am Taiwanese, but born in the USA so I am not a citizen of Taipei.

I paid a hefty fine and was banned and was wondering if there was any way I can appeal this? My family lives in Taiwan and I am growing quite distraught knowing I won’t see them for 1 year. I know this is totally my fault and I am kicking myself in the butt everyday for my dumbness.

Are there ways I can apply for a Visa or something to visit Taiwan? Or am I literally locked out of Taiwan for one year…

Sorry for the rambling…I thought if there is anyone out there that can help me,it would be on this forum. Thanks in advance…~ :notworthy:

wow, how on earth did you manage that? I think once your name is in the system there’s no way to get a visa.

I spent feb at a college taking an away course…and then april and may were visiting friends…

Once I realized I had overstayed…it was already 5 days over and I figured they would fine me and ban me anyways…so i decided to go with my original plan to stay until May…I know it was a stupid move…but Ive heard of being banned for 1 year whether its 1-2 days vs 60+…so I figured id live out my vacation…

If I want to return for 1-2 weeks to visit family and can provide a return ticket back to the usa…would I be able to apply for a visitor visa? I dont mind paying the fees and have no intention of overstaying.

Is the passport ban …a ban on the passport/visa exempt entry…or am I able to still enter taiwan…if I apply through the visa route…?

Thanks again for the reply

[quote=“jcjones2009”]Is the passport ban …a ban on the passport/visa exempt entry…or am I able to still enter Taiwan…if I apply through the visa route…?[/quote]You tell us, what did they tell you? What does your passport say? Were you banned from entering? Or were you banned from entering visa-free? The second one is common, but I suppose a complete ban is an option for them too.

well the fap guy said I was not able to come back for one year and placed a big “c” on my passport. I didn’t know there existed visitor visas etc so I assumed it was a ban on using my passport to return for a year. Thanks for the reply…do u mind explaining what the difference is and whether ppl banned from visa exempt entry can reenter through applying for a visa of some sort? You mentioned the latter was common… In such cases… Ate they allowed to reenter through other legal means even though the passport visa exempt has been banned? Thanks!!!

You came using a visa-exempt entry. You don’t need a visa to enter for stays up to 30 days (for USA passports), and is not extendable (there is no visa to extend). You can also get an visa before you leave for 2 months, which is extendable for a good reason.
If you overstay they can ban you from visa-free entries and you have to apply beforehand for a visa from your local trade office.

It’s possible they did that. I suppose it’s also possible they didn’t. You really have to ask them.

I overstayed my 30 day landing visa (by 5 days) and was banned from this style of entry for one year. I cannot remember the exact wording, but there is a stamp in my passport which says, in effect, I cannot get a visa on arrival for one year.

So I applied for a working visa in Hong Kong and got back into Taiwan no problem. But your overstay seems very long - maybe you received a more severe penalty? What does it say in your passport?

I am Taiwanese, but born in the USA so I am not a citizen of Taipei.

Say what? What passport are/were you traveling on?

Getting the big ‘C’ stamped in your passport means ‘Adios Amigo’…personna non grata for designated length of time.

No pass go…no collect your bin dang.

However, this being Taiwan, I’d say your chances are about 3 or 4 out of 10 that you can get back in simply because whoever might be working the customs kiosk might not know WTF the ‘C’ means. Or they might not be paying that close attention. (Frankly, I doubt either of these happening)
No matter what paperwork, visas, letter from Mommy or draft notices you pull out from the dark secret places, its whats on your passport that’s gonna be scrutinized when you deplane and say “Howdy” in the line at customs.

If you decide to try it, I’d recommended you pack a change of underwear, deodorant and a toothbrush in your carry-on.

just in case…:smiley:

Thanks all of you for the replies~

I have no idea what the C on the passport means. The passport itself has nothing written in english saying I cannot return for one year. Can certain offices “TECO?” type in my passport in a computer to tell me exactly what is going on with my status?

Any other experiences with others getting back into Taiwan after being banned from visa-exempt entries?

And if I wanted to apply for a tourist/visitor visa…how do I go about doing this?

Thanks~ :blush:

I was kicked out for 14 months because of an overstay. Entirely not my fault I might add. I was married and went through all the nonsense to get my JFRV visa. Once it was in my passport we asked what I had to do next. Nothing I was told. But his wasn’t true. I still needed to get an ARC. 1.5 years later I discovered that without an ARC, my JFRV meant nothing and I was here illegally. (This was in the days before Forumosa and other online resources.)

I was out for a year and my first attempt to apply for a visa to return was rejected. Took all the guanxi I had to get back in.

If you have been told you are out for a year then you are. All the offices will have you on file.

Your questions have already been answered but I will try again in even plainer English.

As an American citizen you enjoy the privilege of visa-free entry, which allows a stay of 30 days. If you want to stay longer than 30 days, you must apply for a visa and enter Taiwan using that visa.

Unfortunately, you stayed over the limit. Even if you overstay one hour, you automatically lose the privilege of visa-free entry for one year. That means you have to apply for a visa if you want to go to Taiwan again before the year is up.

No country is obliged to give you a visa, or to let you enter the country, whether you have a visa or not.

The fact that you have overstayed may make getting a visa a little more difficult. The fact that you overstayed for a long time will not work in your favour.

I don’t know what the “C” means. Ask the Taiwan representative office (TECO or whatever it is called) - they will tell you.

Thanks for the reply~

Sorry to hear about the hell you went through…sounds like a nightmare~!

I don’t know much about JFRV visa vs passport visa exempt…is there a difference if I was banned using my passport without having any type of VISA?

Someone had mentioned that I might be banned just from using my passport to gain entry for 1 year. And if I wanted to return, I would have to apply for a visa…

Also…does anyone know what the “C” means on the passport? There is nothing in english that says I cannot return for 1 year…but I have no idea what a computer would say if they swiped/typed in my name.

How come some ppl say they have been banned…then applied for a visa and came back in…haha…this stuff is too confusing

Oh thank you…I just saw your reply~~

Yes but you didnt just overstay by a few measly daus you deliberately overstayed months…

I would dount you would get re-entry to Taiwan for a minumum of 12 months. Even after 12 months you might sti9ll be considered a non bonefide vistor as you have previously overstayed.

I had my ARC stamped with the big C… it was a lifelong thing for me that stamp… when they cancelled my ARC.

However that’s another story and has nothing to do with your situation.