Advice wanted about starting a Greater China office

Hi guys,

Looking for a bit of advice. I’m from the UK but currently live in Mainland China. I’m looking to move to Taipei and also want to start my own international marketing company. Originally I was thinking of registering my company in Hong Kong as that seems very cheap and painless, but would Taiwanese laws allow me to live in Taiwan based on those conditions - i.e. someone who works for an HK company (perhaps as a representative) without any registered Taiwan offices?

I assume it would work for a short period but I would run into problems when it came to visa extension…

What other cost-effective options do I have that members would recommend?
Register just a Taiwan company… Register a Taiwanese representative office of the Hong Kong company… any other options?

All your thoughts and ideas are welcome.



Search under ‘rep office’ in the business thread. It has been discussed in detail.

Welcome to Taiwan. Please do invest here, will help the local economy. As I understand it, it takes US$100K to open an office in China. Far cheaper here, only US$15K or so. Also far easier.