Aerospace Industry in Taiwan

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Ok, so I get it, there’s no “average” or “everyday” when it comes to aerospace, even the most mundane of aerospace items (like a single engine Cessna) is something most countries can’t do. Seems only Japan has managed to build up a navy and air force until they got their butts nuked by America.

But the OP asked about aerospace related jobs in Taiwan. I simply don’t see how you’d get a job there, unless you are bringing with you manufacturing technologies that Taiwan don’t possibly have (like how to make a compressor blade out of a single crystal of inconel, or whatever secret blend of 11 herbs and spices they make them out of, complete with vent holes EDM’ed into it to keep the blade from melting in the hot section of a jet engine…).

So if you have that and is able to execute such manufacturing technology in Taiwan, I’m sure some big SOE or companies like Formosa Plastics would take you in and pay you millions per month.

Otherwise you’d have have a better chance of finding a unicorn because there’s probably exactly 50 aerospace engineers in Taiwan, all of them working for the government.

well, no, any country could actually do a single engine cessna piston vehicle equivalent. hell, you could probably cobble one up in your garage - they’re pretty simple. ;D

Sorry… I guess anyone could make airplanes out of cloth and spruce spars and ribs, or aluminum skin work isn’t exactly high tech and anyone could do it.

But I mean it about making jet engine hot section compressor blades. They gotta perform at temperatures that would melt almost any material, as jet engine efficiency is better the higher temperature they are, but as you know you can’t even have materials that will stand that kind of temperature, without the secret blend of 11 herbs and spices that they make these compressor blades out of, with weird geometries and internal structure that needs special machining equipment that few have. So if you can bring that to the table, many Taiwanese companies will start an entire division around you.

Otherwise best Taiwan can do is reverse engineer 1950s jet engines. I’m sure America will provide support… but you know they are holding back because they aren’t giving us anything good, like F35’s because they think China will steal the tech.

So it is what it is…

You can contact companies that are members of the Taiwan Aerospace industry association


This deck has a few slides about the Aerospace supply chain - pages 16 to 18


That’s pretty good. Aside from a couple of categories in consumer electronics, the salaries are comparable to Korea.

Awesome, thanks. Those numbers, for the U.S., are waaaay off though (at least for the Bay area).

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Do you mean they are too low or too high? We could post links to more relevant sources in that topic


Way too low. Our company does regular surveys for our ‘matket based compensation,’ and that salary they list for mechanical engineers is what i’d expect an engineer with 3-5 yrs experience to be making, in the Los Angeles area. Aero and auto skews old (much older), so the average would be way above those making that salary, and the Bay area also has a higher base compensation. The EE salaries are even worse, but I’m not as personally familiar with those (but the job codes for EEs are a higher base compensation level).

Are those USD/year or NT/month? They do seem incredibly low…

The US numbers are low in USD. They’d be obscenely low in NTD.