Affirmative action: A-okay as long as it doesn’t benefit Asians

And legacies.

All this is an issue because the institutions receive public support. Private Universities that don’t are, of course free to do whatever they want. Given that, might we not perhaps want to consider other goals than rewarding those with the best grades?

When my son got into university in Australia for his undergraduate degree entrance was based on SAT scores or equivalent schooling from abroad. He went to the American School in Taichung which is WASP accredited. In Australia citizens all have the same education charge for a degree, so it matters not what university you go to the tuition fee is the same. As the government funds most of it the rest is paid under a HECS system. You can pay that upfront and get a discount or pay after graduation and it’s taken out of income once you reach a certain income level. It’s indexed to inflation.

For my sons JD Law degree that is full fee paying so any student accepted is accepted based on undergraduate degree results. So A$40k a year tuition for three years for his law degree. His undergrad and JD law were paid for so when he graduated he had no student debt to worry about.

It would be cheaper for Americans to study in Australia where they can also work part time where basic salary starts around $20 an hour. There is no Asian Australian or POC Australian etc on forums. You are either a resident / citizen or a non citizen. Exception is made for indigenous persons only on the form.

Affirmative Action DESTROYED. 加油!加油!

Harvard can’t be racist anymore.

I disagree with the rationale but helping lower income students attend school isn’t a bad idea. Of course you shouldnt cut admissions standards. So more like if grades and everything else is mostly equal, lower income would have preferential selection.

Picking winners and losers in education isn’t the answer. Providing quality education to anyone who wants it is the answer.

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I agree on a philosophical level, but on a practical level not everyone in the world can attend Harvard or Yale or MIT.

if attending those schools results in a superior education than think of all the wasted human potential because US society is content for some reason allowing such an education to be scarce

Some people get upset that the families of the children they teach have a lot of wealth. Or that some professions get paid less than other professions. Nursing and teaching have generally been paid less than other professions. Such is life.

The ruling doesn’t change anything. It still allows you to use an applicant’s minority experience (discrimination or whatever) on their essay. Every minority can look for an experience the same way they do extracurricular activities.

And schools are allowed to factor in diversity in their decisions. They can weight diversity as much as they want.

I knew the ruling class was above the law but I thought SCOTUS rulings were at least speed bumps to them.

There’s a difference to lending weight to a persons lived experiences which may indeed include race based lived experiences as oppossed to assuming weight is automatically merrited based on assumptions made purely with the very limited knowledge about somthing like their race.

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All schools have to do is “hint hint write about race on your essay hint hint.”

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That’s not a new thing.

Neither is the ruling.

I just looked at Harvard’s website.

Current numbers:
40% White
28% Asian

If they were to eliminate legacy admissions, it’d be:
32% White
31% Asian

It’s the principle.

Well, who would have predicted that affirmative action would take a dive in the woke world shake up? That has really come out of the blue. No?

Can you elaborate?