Affordable Gyms in Hsinchu

Good day!

Since Alexander’s closed down in Hsinchu, I’ve gained 10 kg’s. :fume: Does anyone know of a decent, affordable gym in Hsinchu?

Thanks! :notworthy:


I guess it depends on what you call “affordable”. :slight_smile:

Here are the gyms/fitness centres/health clubs I’m aware of:
[ul]Tech Body - around NT$ 15,000 p/a
Royal Hsinchu Hotel - around NT$ 20,000 p/a but rumour has it that the hotel does not take members anymore and that it’s for guests only
Ambassador Hotel - upwards of NT50,000 p/a and aimed at “mainly Science Park employees” I was told by the fitness instructor
Caesar Park - no info on price*
Sol Hotel - no info on price*
ASE Suites - no info on price*
Carlton Hotel - no info on price*
Howard Plaza - no info on price*
Lakeshore Hotel - around NT36,000 p/a + NT2,000 per month [/ul]

  • I know they have a gym of sorts because I’ve used all of them during my stays in Hsinchu.

Thanks a lot! I’ll check them out.