Affordable hotel near CKS?

Can anyone recommend a decent hotel near CKS for $1000 NT or less (for a night)? One where it’s easy to catch a taxi to the airport in the morning?


Gotta love the forumosa samaritans.

Try Taoyuan or even San Xia.They are close enough to get a taxi to CKS in about 20 minutes.

Which one? Dunno. Sorry.

I usually just get to CKS late at night and sleep there.

[quote=“jdsmith”]Try Taoyuan or even San Xia.They are close enough to get a taxi to CKS in about 20 minutes.

Which one? Dunno. Sorry.

I usually just get to CKS late at night and sleep there.[/quote]

I did that once - at this hostle. I forgot its name but it used to ahve a webpage on geocities and I can’t find it. I wouldn’t mind doing it again. All I remember was that it was close to the train station. This was about 3 years ago. The owner spoke good English and had a cool little mini-bar in the place. I wish I remembered his name…

I’m in Banchiao right now. Staying with a friend. A taxi driver was like 2,000 NT for the trip. When I lived in Miaoli I could get a van driver to go at any time in the day (24-7, so long as you called a week in advance) and he was 1,500 - and drove a lot further…

Anyway, I might try. I once spent the night at CKS and while I made a good friend with a German traveler in transit, I’d prefer not to spend the night there again.

Thanks, though. Any feedback is better than none!

There’s a few hotels in Nankan (very close to CKS)
I dont know the prices. Sorry.
There’s one right by Tai Mall, but I’ll bet its not cheap…Looks like a busines traveller type hotel…

Yes i looked into it one time. The one behind Taimall is called the Beverly I believe. I think for one person rooms start around 1000 maybe a bit less, but 1200 - 1500+ for better rooms. and more people.

But hang on, a cab from Banqiao is NT$2,000 . .you sure about that?

There is another thread here somewhere about cars/cabs to the airport and the figures were more like NT$800, which would make your night in Sanxia/Taoyuan pure financial folly, surely?


HGC is right: NT$2,000 for a cab from Banqiao to the airport is way too much. You should be able to get one for half that or less. Those vans also do airport runs for about NT$900. And, if all else fails, Banqiao has its own airport-bus route.

I’d sleep in a bus shelter rather than the CKS. What a horrible hotel. It is so dark and miserable.

Surely you’d think there would be 1,000nt places doted around the airport and within 300nt cab rides. I’ll keep an eye out next trip on 22nd December but it won’t help you much.

Re cab fares. We get to the airport from Yang Mei for 500nt or so. It takes about 30-40 minutes coming up from South West.

I’d agree. I live in Nankan and the taxi from Taipei to here is around $800. Add on another $200 from here to CKS and you hit $1000NT, so a $1000NT hotel is going to save you little, if anything.
IF you really want to save the best part of your $1000nt, check out if the bus from SongShan to CKS leaves early enough and use that, but to be honest, it’s not worth the hassle if you have got a flight to catch.
Some of the pubs in Nankan stay open until well after 5am, so go spend your $1000nt on 10 taiwan beers, and enjoy the flight even more.

there are several “motels” out very near the airport on Nankan road. No idea what their names are or how much etc.