African food

Searched this Forum but found nothing. Given the fact that Taiwan has diplomatic relations with quite a few African countries I was wondering if there are any decent African restaurants about town? Northern African in particular (and yes I know the diplo stuff doesnt apply to these countries)


There’s a pretty decent Moroccan Restaurant behind the Hongguo building on Tunhua b[/b] near the intersection of Changchun, but I’ve yet to see Ethiopian cuisine here.

If anyone ever found Ethiopian cuisine in Taipei, Please, please do post here, I really miss it. Thanks…

Ethiopian cuisine … Fine Ethiopian dining? You have GOT to be kidding us. I think the joke is in somewhat poor taste though … or are you serious?

Hey Monkey,

And that’s just scratching the surface. Yum, is all I can say!

Washington DC has scads and scads of Ethiopian restaurants all along 18th St. One quite famous one, the Red Sea.

It’s very lentil based and spicy, and served with this yeasty flat round bread (which looks like folded diapers!), that you break off and scoop the lentils/peas up with. Very nice. Colourful. I’d say it’s like Indian because you eat vegetable pastes with bread and hands (naan and daal), but it’s not like Indian at all. It’s Ethiopian. Try it sometime, you won’t be disappointed.

Monkey wrote:

Who said Ethiopian cuisine is fine and exquisite cuisine(