After a mole has been removed

The doctor who cut out the mole spoke English with a terrible accent, using very few consonants - I don’t speak Chinese and English isn’t my mother tongue either. I’m not sure what he said and am a bit confused now.

Should I clean the wound with something? When can I have a shower? What about hot shower? Working out?

I asked my doctor and this is what he said: “No, you want to clean, use arararararararararara, no contact with water. Arararararararararararara I put a steril strip. Arararararararararararara. Just come to me next Wednesday, then ararararararararaara.”

I asked him about it two or three times, but still didn’t understand, and then I just nodded, hoping that you would help me out here.

So… Any suggestions?

I had one removed from my back a couple of years ago - try not to get it wet until the stitches have had a chance to “take”. After that, it’s no big deal…

Did you have to clean it with spirit or iodine-thing or something? I don’t want my leg to rot off.

Nah, just let your dog/child/bf/husband/convenient stranger give it a lick and you’re good to go…

Seriously, iodine is your friend. It’s good to use it often, especially in the early days when the wound has a greater chance of getting infected.