After Aeroplane party, group can not go home to Canada

Interesting at this time they would that. I can understand why Covid’s spead is out of control in the Americas.

Am I ahead of the game or what? When it involves stories concerning Canadians, I am the vanguard of the proletariat!! :laughing: :laughing:
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It looks like they are being “Welcomed back” now :rofl:

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Being branded a barbarian by a cultural Philistine? How would Trudeau know about them in the historical context? He didn’t read into his 30s. Vandals? Visigoths? Blank stare? He is Commodus to his father’s Marcus Aurelius. :laughing: What an absolute jackass. I’d even prefer Ho Chi Minh’s spirit, Whitney Houston’s dead choda, the ghost of Harry Reems, or Putin or Long Dong Silver to lead than this asshat.

Justin Trudeau, like his peers, seeks politics without politics - The Globe and Mail

“I don’t read the newspapers, I don’t watch the news,” he confessed with apparent pride. “I figure, if something important happens, someone will tell me.”


barbarians? did they rape and pillage some innocent serfs?

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No, the canadian prime minister is just a tool.

He may not be able to speak well, but to his credit he is at least poorly spoken in more than one language!

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He’s also not the worst Trudeau to grace Candian politics.

Had Novak Djokovic been on that plane things would have become even trickier.

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I disagree. While I would never have voted fore either and detested PET, at least he was educated and well read (we went to some of the same overseas schools). While the Albertan in me hated what he did to the oil industry with the NEP, he was at least an intellectual and had a legal mind. In other words, not a drama teacher that does not read.

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Yes that noble selfless industry, which continues to serve the world well.

But please, carry on. :rofl:



Did you live in Alberta in the 1980s? Where there were 20 pages of mortgage foreclosures per day in the newspapers impacting everyday people? Coal mining closures impacted the working classes in Europe in the 80s. Trudeau’s NEP really hurt the industry and a lot of people suffered.

But of course, take an academic and smart ass view without taking into account the social fabric it hurt. :grinning:

I am aware of the impact of building a provincial economy around a single extracted resource. Hopefully Alberta can continue to thrive after decarbonization.

Now back to the main show: partying, Montreal, and the outrage of Trudeau Jr. :rofl:



You don’t dictate what the main show is.

Single industry? The energy industry provided only 7.7% of all jobs in Alberta in 2013,[7] and 140,300 jobs representing 6.1% of total employment of 2,286,900 in Alberta in 2017

Agriculture (beef, wheat, canola) is huge. So is transportation (e.g., WestJet). So is government (high revenues in past have meant lots of government spending).

So many people from other parts of Canada stereotype Alberta without having lived there or having any real knowledge of the place. I am sure our transfer payments helped your province perhaps :laughing: :laughing: Amazing people kick the hand that feeds them. :laughing: :laughing:

No I cannot. But I can read the title of this thread. You claim to like reading, so you can check it out too. :rofl:


Thanks to an education that Alberta’s transfer payments may have helped provide (along with likely a lot of other social services).

There will be no livin’ in the great reset of totalitarianism. Canada is gonna go head to head with Australia.

Didn’t he oversee the theft of indigenous children?

I knew one day the deeper meaning of these shirts I saw in Taoyuan would be revealed:


Hope this aeroplane never lands at KHH.