After old ARC sponsor lets me go, do I still have time to remain in Taiwan?

This is the scenario: My ARC sponsor lets me go, and sends a letter to the gov’t saying that as of date X, I no longer work for them. Assuming I don’t have another visa lined up, am I entitled to remain in Taiwan for any period of time after date X? And if so, how long?

I’ve heard stories about people who’ve quit or lost their ARC-sponsoring jobs, and have remained in Taiwan for a couple months slumming and bumming around with their old Resident Visa still in their passport, and then picked up another job later on, who reapplied for a new ARC for them no problem. Is this really possible, or does said person run a real risk of getting grilled by the authorities about what he was doing in Taiwan for all that interim time, and deported or denied a new visa if he doesn’t talk fast enough?

All I know is you have about one week to get out of the country and return on a visitor visa once they’ve cancelled your visa. :sunglasses:

This happened to me two years ago. The foreign affairs police only picked up on it nine months later when I went to renew my ARC on the basis of a second company’s application to employ me. The record popped up on their computer screen. The cops just said I had to leave Taiwan and apply for a new ARC when I got back. No fine, and they gave me a little extension (two weeks or so) so that I wouldn’t have to leave in a rush. The police were as helpful as they could be within the given legal framework.

So no need to panic, but you should get your situation sorted out as soon as you can.