After 'unhealthy' levels of pollution hit Taiwan, EPA calls for controls on 2-stroke scooters, diesel trucks, and power plants


Not just because people protested. It is a dump. Badly designed, a danger to all the island, not just nearby communities. It has been denounced by foreign inspectors. It does not pass international guidelines for usage, let alone safety.


From my understanding it’s a design from the States from the 70s. Same design of Three Mile Island and Fukushima.


A couple of things I’ve been wondering about.

  1. How about all the farm burning? I live next to a mountain and the retirees with those little plots are burning grass, leaves, branches all the time. The smoke fills the entire valley in the area and we have to close our windows. And this goes on at every little community at the foot of mountains all over Taiwan, and of course also at bigger farms in the countryside. That can’t be good for pollution. How come this is never discussed? Also, I wonder if there’s a way to report this, you know, the way you can now report bad parking, bad driving, etc. as a citizen.

  2. Has anyone ever talked of suing China for the pollution? It seems the countries around China would have a good case. I know nothing of the legality of this (probably not possible). And of course there would be some counterclaims to consider.


If you sue China, they have the “we are the victims, developed countries are harrassing us bullying us because they do not want us to develop, it is the Opium Wars all over again”…etc ad nauseum.


That seems a little pessimistic. I don’t see us going extinct any time soon. Unless you’re referring to us evolving into a new species.


I am not speaking pessimistically at all. I am pointing out the fact that this nuclear waste–and the significant dangers it poses–will outlive everything we can conceive of historically. Do a search on the long-term storage site being built in Finland–the only such site in the world. One of the big concerns in constructing this site is how to communicate to future life forms (human or otherwise) that it would be bad news to dig around and/or remove the materials buried therein. What we call “English” or any similar modern language will have disappeared or changed beyond recognition immeasurable sooner than the radioactivity will stop posing dangers.



You can’t control the scooters. You can’t. No.


I totally get it. I just think we humans are a more resilient species than you give us credit for. Kind of like cockroaches, although, admittedly, less resistant to radiation.


Discouraging scooters, diesels, congestion’s, and coal usage is great, but what about that cross-strait pollution? Need something that will clean and recycle the air. Double duty cell/comm towers that will filter out the air as well. Just a thought.


I mean the original plan (pretty sure I mentioned that that it’s done by the current administration) as in that it’s suppose to be the plan before we saw some real issues with it this summer.

Waste is an issue, but like i said, it can be controlled in a very small area of land if done right. Sure maybe we won’t be able to use 1 square kilometers of land for thousands of years. That’s nit ideal but coal burning affects the entire island and the world.


And we trust them to do it right because…?

Problem is the people we are delaing with are highly motivated NOT to do things right. And from US experience, it takes more than 1 square meter. Read about the areas they have cordoned off in teh Eastern seabord because if that - I put the link in anotehr thread. Remember you have to dig the waste, the containers, the stuff you transported the waste in… Too much temptation to say chabuduola and hence kill us all painfully.


Burning ghost money? Ghosts don’t need money! Burning spirit money? Spirits don’t need money, no 7-11 up there!

Did they ever compare pollution on ‘burning’ days with normal days? Looking at how small particles and CO, CO2 spike?


Maybe this is his way of quitting the job and still saving face.


I know I know. A fuck up and carelessness of people is a problem. But a strict oversight is not impossible if that’s your only argument against it. I’m not saying we go full nuclear either if that’s your hang up. I’m just saying maybe take some of the burden off coal and give use some time to move into full renewables. Because right now Our only solution is burn more coal and try to catch up renewables and maybe even energy rationing if that doesn’t work.




It’s the equivalent of trying to take away Americans’ guns.


You could just make them pay their fair way.


Things have been moving in the opposite direction. You don’t have to renew your license any more, or pay the registration fee.


even if nuclear waste disposal was the least concern, imo it’s still the biggest because the environmental consequences are unpredictable, let alone the financial ones which worry me the least.

now i might be way too pessimistic about it, but you too, are far too optimistic in this matter. basically what you’re saying is, let’s radiate the earth a little more and let the next generation find a solution for it, i’m sure by then they’ll have a technology for that.

and even if there’s some sort of mutual consent to maintain nuclear energy. what would that look like? by your posts, it looks like they could just push some magic button and nuclear energy doubles by tomorrow. it doesn’t work like that. even if they wanted to, it would take years and a ton of money to increase the share of nuclear energy. an effort that would be better spent on renewable energy.


Just charge for scooter parking.

ScootErs are the number one problem here. Can bring up all the articles and stats that attest to this. Solar, nuclear power etc should be secondary to reducing the number of scooters in use