After 'unhealthy' levels of pollution hit Taiwan, EPA calls for controls on 2-stroke scooters, diesel trucks, and power plants


Electric scooter, no parking fees. Gasoline, double fee. :rofl:


Anyone interested in this topic( urban planning, care free cities, sustainable cities etc), recommend following this Taiwanese professor who writes a lot of good books an+ articles on the matter


Not sure the AI bots would care.


Too lazy to look it up myself…
if all the scooters suddenly became electric, how big of a pollution difference would it be if that power came from taoyuan coal plant?


What happens in Taoyuan stays in Taoyuan (unless the wind is blowing towards Taipei, of course). :sunglasses:


RUUUUDE! :face_with_raised_eyebrow:


Actually, it will. It’s the localization of pollution. Easier to deal with. Also “go green power go” yeah and all the jazz, more wind turbines in the sea etc. Still not really realistic though, yep.


EVs are not the perfect solution. More bikes and public transport adoption is what it’s about


Will your progeny care about radioactive waste left over by stupid humans? @discobot fortune


:crystal_ball: Concentrate and ask again


Will they? :pensive: :pensive: :pensive:

@discobot fortune


:crystal_ball: Cannot predict now


We’d better build sophisticated dumps just in case. :2cents:


Am a naive a bit maybe ( am not tehnician) but is not this like huge opportunity for taiwan to go green? Or is it all that talk about green energy just bla bla from west? Is trump right?

Seems they are not serious about it, like 30 years ago taiwan became IT hardware hub, why not become green hub, with exporting green technology to world. First in asia.
Smart, green cities ?

It seems everyone just accept it, to be an average nation, with long hours, average or even low pay and with pollution everywhere. Probably they accept it.
I mean cause of being IT hub, china just can not nuke hell of it and get away it with so easily.

What is better guarantee to island freedom then being competitive with new technologies?


They already export huge amounts of green tech to the world.

The problem is manufacturing green tech takes a huge amout of dirty energy to power the factories here.

Think solar panels, batteries and motors.


“why not become green hub” do u really need to ask?


The prevailing winds come from the North-East.


There is little political will to do anything properly. Doing things means upsetting one group or inconveniencing another. Top Down initiatives like what you suggested usually end in big companies getting even more susidies and assistance from their friends in government.


DrewCutz, I finally started wearing a mask every time I go outside here in K-town (or G-town). Yeah, it’s a drag, but my chronic cough went away. That scratchy tickle in the back of the throat was driving me mad.

My husband grew up in LA back when the smog obscured the mountains, and he is still amazed at how relatively clear LA is now. The answer is catalytic converters and strict enforcement of emissions tests. I’d like to see the government here require catalytic converters on cars and scooters immediately. Catalytic converters apparently adversely affect the performance of two-stroke engines, which is even better, because we need to get those hideous beasts off the road. The government should significantly raise the rebate for electric scooters and at the same time require catalytic converters. The Taiwanese are thrifty, and they’re not going to lay out money for electric scooters without a significant incentive (like having to lay out money for something else). Yes, it will cost the government, but so does treatment for lung cancer and emphysema, etc… No, the problem isn’t just scooters, but I read the air quality is measurably better at the fourth-floor level than at street-level, which means… scooters. How I hate them. At any rate, the dismal air quality should bring shame on the government.


p.s. As for ghost money… I live smack in the middle of a row of temples (or does everyone in Gaoxiong?) and my husband suggests that maybe the answer is to print ghost money in higher denominations? Burn a one billion yuan bill instead of a billion one yuan bills? Nah, too simple. Truly though, can the government not require that temples have some sort of incinerators with filtration systems and further require that folks who want to send funds to their ancestors do so at such designated sites? Ah, pipe dreams…