Afternoon Bars, Drinks, Early Happy Hour

Hooter’s! Next to Jolly, apparently also has some of the finest wings in Taipei. I will make my way there for that hopefully soon!

Some good suggestions. Looking for places that are more like a bar instead of a restaurant with a bar that have families inside.

Curious about these places. Any names or locations?

I only really know of one near the train station. Forgot the name (pretty sure it starts with a “P”), but here is the location:


Tried to go into a Thai club also in the area, but we were denied at the door because we were obviously not “Thai”.

I have the afternoon free in the Xinyi/Dunhua area. Any recommendations where I don’t have to go walk in the middle of a business or shopping district?


I used to have a roomie who was Thai Chinese, and she had a boyfriend and a whole crew, they were well Thai inside, but they looked as Taike as you or me.

Erm, you, at least

Doesn’t open until 4, but still one of my favorite places in the city to have a beer.

I found my happy place today. Beautiful views.

Craft House 手工啤酒和披薩
No. 77號, Section 4, Zhongxiao East Road, Da’an District, Taipei City, 106
02 2777 2277

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Zhangmen Brewing?


I will probably hit them up this weekend if temps stay the same.

It’s one of those days where I could go sit for 6 hours and do nothing.

I happen to have Friday afternoon free in Taipei so… What’s up?


Hooters is open.

Lots of wonder coffee cafes. Seems a place for people in Taipei and in most big cities to pass time.

I saw there’s a new Hooters on the 14th floor of the new mall near 101 (A13 I think). The balcony looks decent but I didn’t go in.

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A great place on Friday afternoons is the fold-down table TaiHu near 101. Especially when the office ladies get off work and head there for a drink.


The hooters fly in the wind? I see they provided kitchen tissue for masterbating day!


Looks great. Will have to check it out asap!