Afternoon Martial Arts

I work mornings and evenings - which seems to correspond pretty closesly to when martial arts instructors work. Does anybody know of any afternoon martial arts classes? Any scrap of info would be greatly appreciated.

If you’re in Kaohsiung, there’s a kung fu class at lunch time, held at the Culture Centre.

I know of an NHB class held in Taipei in the afternoons on Tues/Sat from 2-4. NHB = No Holds Barred; it’s the style developed from the Extreme/Ultimate Fighting matches and is basically a combination of Gracie Jujitsu, Western wrestling, and practical kick-boxing. The class is very down-to-earth; no forms taught, mostly drills and scrimmaging. It’s 2000 a month and is located at the Min Sheng/San Min Community Center on the 10th floor in the Judo Room.


Do they still hold NHB classes there/then ?

Any decent kick-boxing classes evenings/weekends you know about ?

The NHB school’s official name is now:

The location has also changed. It’s on Roosevelt Rd, Sect. 3, #138, 4F.

Class times are Monday 5:30-7 pm, Tuesday 1:30-3 pm, Wednesday 12:30-2 pm, Friday 12:30-2 pm, Saturday 1:30-3 pm. I believe there’s also one morning class but I forget when it is.

My TaiJiQuan class is borderline Gong Fu. We do a lot of applications with the forms.

4:30-6pm Weds and Fri, CKS Hall.

The 6:30-8 class is yang style, qi gong etc. Less martial.

we have a small band of renegade kung fu students who get together at Chiang Kai Shek Memorial hall on Monday, Wednesday nights from about 930 to 1100+, and we’ve added Saturday evenings (430-630ish?) as well.
It’s a good time for people who work evenings, and it’s right on the MRT.
What we do:
Our goal is to develop Kung fu as a realistic interaction between two people, not a performance art. We train with the idea that in an actual fight, your opponent would to be faster, stronger, and more aggressive than you are. If you couldn

There is a Shaolin martial arts place in Sanchong City (across the Danshui river from Taibei City) near the night market. There is another indoor martial arts place on Jinxi Street between Shuanglian and Minquan West Road MRT stops.