Afternoon Red Flags of Roof

I live on the 10th floor in Sinjuang City, and every afternoon from about 4-5:30 I look down on a number of roofs were people put up red flags.

Seems like there are usually one or two flags and the guys (they all seem to be guys) stay up on the roof with the flags the whole time they are up. Then at about 5:30, they take the flags down and disappear.

I’d post this in a more appropriate forum, but since I don’t have a clue what they are doing …



The guys are exercising their pigeons. Of course, being Taiwan, it’s about money (gambling on races) rather than a real interest in our feathered friends.

Indeed pigeon training … the quite way with a sign flag … in Belgium pigeon keepers call the birds in, some by way off shaking a feed container or whistle … a flag would be a nono as in many villages people can’t put out laundry to dry on Sundays … race day …

That’s so interesting … thanks! :bravo:

I had noticed large groups of pigeons around and the guys kind of waving their arms or flags at them, but I thought they were trying to keep the pigeons away from dumping on their precious red flags.

My wife and I thought it was perhaps some sort of political statement, but that is a much better story.

I suppose that the pigeons know that when the flag is lowered they should come in … feeding time …