Age Difference


If they met when Macron was 30 years old, fair enough, but the fact that Macron was 15 at the time is kind of creepy.


Yes, I’m going with certainly based on a general concept of the human brain, which, as the following link suggests, is not inherently different based on sex. In fact, most human brains have a variable mix of male and female wiring traits.

Here’s a 2005 University of Chicago Medical Center report:


Human evolution, Chicago researchers report, is still under way, in what has become our most important organ: the brain. In two related papers published in Science, they show that two genes linked to brain size are rapidly evolving in humans. The researchers looked at variations of microcephalin and ASPM within modern humans, and found for each gene one class of variants has arisen recently and has been spreading rapidly because it is favored by selection.

The following article on WebMD sites the results of a 2015 Tel Aviv University concluding that “while some brain features are more common in one sex than the other, and some are typically found in both, most people have a unique mix.”

Moreover, since we are trading in common sense, I don’t think there’s ANY question women (and thus, their brains) have evolved at a symbiotic pace. I’m just thinking about a co-worker who may or may not be the least intelligent person I’ve ever met, but somehow manages to complete elaborate digital tasks with only a few touches to the screen of a smart phone - tasks which I’m fairly certain I couldn’t do from a desktop and a video tutorial.

At the same time, there is no question you’re right about men and attraction viz-a-viz fertility, etc. Loads of evidence in support. I’m curious to see the same amount of data related to a second, more recent development of an epicene population, which was predicted by at least one madman at the beginning of the 20th century.


As long as all are consenting adults, then others should mind their own business.


True, but I would be worried if this were to become a more widespread trend, given the low birthrates in developed countries.


I thought you meant that women’s brains are evolving more quickly than men’s. Though, even if they were, women are still hamstrung by hormones and more emotions, which I suppose keeps things in balance.


I usually like older women, less guess work, games, and more direct in all aspects. Just easier to get along as they seem to understand and have more realistic expectations as well as better and more direct in bed. I find it easier if the women is older vs younger like the relationship I have no.

There’s a 8 year difference between me and my gf, and it’s more and more clear after a while. It’s enough to make me feel like a grandpa sometimes haha. She’s much more into popular culture like new music, celebrity stuff, and social media. For example I don’t mess with instagram so much, I do post stuff but I don’t really care all that much about it like her. I think she has like 20k followers…i have literally no idea how she gets that many and she’s always on it and stuff. She has to snap chat everything also. So idk, I think if I was to date a different girl it would be someone closer to my age or older.


I have a neighbor who’s my age and who’s wife is a lot older then he is , while my wife is the same age gap in the other direction.

There sure is a lot of age gap between his wife and my wife !!

For me it was more like…my first real GF was 22 at the time (and lordy I thought she was sooooooooooooo old) and I was just bout to turn 18. And ever since then, I have had an attraction for 20 somethings :slight_smile:

I think even when IM 155 years old, i will still like 20 somethings (and yes my wife is in her 20s :stuck_out_tongue: )

lizard brain , check

yes, we don’t listen to the same music
yes, we go to concerts separately now (she with her buds and me with my buds)
yes, the gap can be a thing…mind the gap
yes her perspective on things differ from mine
yes she likes taylor swift (and i like fleetwood mac)
yes it works only because I don’t have a daughter because she would likely be my daughter’s age
yes our taste in movies are different and sometimes we see different movies in the same movie complex
yes there is much that is different…but …best of all
we actually get along well and knowing me , that counts for a hella LOT

she does lose her cool more then i do, but that may be hormonal or it may just be the stress of being with ME :stuck_out_tongue:


Time to drain the lizard…brain!


But then i would simply be …mindless ?


If I remember my biology right, the normal trend is for men to seek out younger women due to procreation with a younger egg increases the chance for healthy offspring. This holds true even when the man is significantly older than the women (as long as the women is in her child bearing years like early 20s).

However, the reverse is also true. A women near the end of child bearing years (like late 30s) may be inclined to seek out a younger man due to younger sperm increasing the chance of her offspring being healthier.


Only thing the eggs are always the same age as the woman while men make sperm daily :stuck_out_tongue:


For men, the quality of sperm decreases with age. It might be “young”, but the quality at 20 is different than at 40.


Quite possible, everyone got their own thoughts and opinions.


More than likely.


Great I don’t want another kid anyway , just sex and as much of it as my aging lumbar vertebrae can handle!


Don’t worry, can’t get pregnant from necrophilia.


Huh! I didn’t know that. I thought you were fairly young… is she legal age??


Shit I got scared Mr Lin was back for a second.


Who on Taiwan is Mr Lin??


He’s OP.

He was pretty regular in 2017 and had some “interesting” opinions about a variety of topics. He then disappeared.