Age Difference


That’s what happens when someone thinks different. The system makes them disappear.


Anyway to get back on topic, my wife is 4 years older than me. I’ve always liked dating older women; more emotionally mature and confident.


You just need one of those special sex swings…much easier on the compressed vertebrae.


Or maybe she’s older than he is.


I’ve dated people of different ages, older and younger than me. I’m not sure how was more mature though. Or better to say, more immature haha. Anyway, I think that variety and differences are source of both pros and cons.


No, since he says that she’s younger hence she’s into more pop shit.


OK, you’ve obviously been paying better attention.


For some reason I have almost always dated younger men. Sometimes they’re just a few months younger, sometimes up to 3 years, but no matter what they’ve always been just a bit younger than me.

It’s probably because I’m a little immature, myself…


did you get hooked by a pacifier she offered you?


I’ve always believed in dating older women when you’re younger, and younger women when you’re older, and I’ve tried to stick to that as much as possible.


Seeing as I met her when I was 32 and she was 36, no.


I meant 6.


Calling the police already.


These “calling the police” and “pacifier” jokes are about as hackneyed as they come.


Really? never saw one about the police.

I was kidding, as I said I’m guilty of not respecting what are common and even convenient limits…


Don’t gliterarize yourself.
Jim will fix it


all the older women i’ve talked to here have been slightly off their rocker.


what age group?


Were they mostly non married and over 35?