Age Difference


FTFY :smiley:

A younger lady sat down beside me on the MRT yesterday and started blathering in English and Chinese to me.

I do think she was a bit off her rocker but it was nice to have a chat on the MRT for a change!


May I remind you that you’re referring to the actual life partners of many who post here??:no_no:
I’m sure I speak for most, if not all, of them when I strongly contest your use of the term “slightly”.

As you were.


I was impressed with my self-restraint from making this post. Really had to hold back.


I meant it specially for BHL not as a general statement lol.


Nice try…you’re bed has been made.




Speaking of self-restraint…


I did resist but only because I was fuckin’ with @Brianjones for his it’s.


From now on he shall be known as Bed Jones.


:oops::doh: I blame autocorrect!

*Disclaimer: No autocorrect on the computer. I just fucked up.


what did they talk about? it rarely happens to me these days. last time it happened i had a headache and was sat on a bench really not wanting to be bothered. some weirdo girl sat next to me and started firing off questions. do you want me to be your language exchange partner? where are you from? what are you doing here? english teacher? they got the message then said bye a couple of minutes later. then i realised it was a ladyboy. wish i was a bit more polite.


This young lady…Started by sitting down beside me and point blank staring at me …Then usual…Are you English?..Speak English?..What are you doing (reading my phone )?..You speak Chinese ?..Do you like Taiwan (I asked her did she like Taiwan , she answered with a puzzled expression ‘I’m Taiwanese’)…?!?..Where are you going ? Home…You Iive in Kuting?..And then off I went…Home (which is not Kuting). :slight_smile:

Best part of this, I was wearing a facemask covering most of my face due to a cold.

At first I was ‘oh no another mental idiot’ but she was harmless and probably lonely and she obviously wasn’t an idiot just ‘different’. I didn’t get the lady boy vibe more like semi homeless person as she was dragging luggage with her.

I have another much whackier story from years back …when more of a catch perhaps.


its always the same script! maybe this is acceptable behaviour here and i can just ask random girls the same questions and see if i get some line IDs?


It’s 7


Just goes to show …to back up another thread…if you want to date a lady don’t wait until one talks to you.



I mean is very common in Asia for older men (i’m talking about men that are over 50 years old) to date younger girls in their 20’s. I don’t think people are shocked by it but they do tend to make assumptions like it’s for the money and so on. What I don’t see as much here is younger men dating older woman, not sure if is because Asian women look super young even in their 40s or just simply because men usually do tend to prefer younger ladies.
I don’t really think that In Europe is much different, I also don’t see young men dating older women as much, but I do see ridiculously young girls dating extremely old men and society doesn’t think much of it.
In Italy is very common for underage girls to date much older men, and most people, even parents think is the norm.