Age differences in love affairs, marriages

Now, back to this issue of younger men older women, I would think that if we all knew what we were doing women in their sexual prime (mid 30’s) would be knocking boots with boys who were 18-20 (male sexual prime). Now I am not talking about deep meaningful relationships here… I am just talking good old fashioned roll in the hay fun… :smiling_imp:

Well, then a pairing between a 54 year old male and a 22 old female makes a lot of sense. He’s past his sexual prime, she is in for a wait before reaching hers.

Here is the life story of Wong Fei-Hung one of the most reverred folk heroes in Chinese culture.
His final marriage at the age of 56 was to a 16 year old. They were married for 21 years until his death. He died happy… It doesnt say what happened to his then 37 year old widow.

Wong Fei-Hung: The True Story
Wong Fei-Hung was born in 1847, and passed away in 1924. He was a martial arts master, teacher, healer, and revolutionary. He would protect and help those who were weak and defenseless. Wong Kay-Ying was his father, and he was a physician and great martial arts master also, and part of a group known as the “Ten Tigers of Kwantung,” and he and his son lived in the city of Canton.

Wong Kay-Ying’s famous medical clinic was Po Chi Lam, and Wong Fei-Hung was there assisting his father. He learned traditional Chinese medicine, and also learned many important values such as generosity and compassion. Wong Kay-Ying always treated a patient, even if he or she was a complete jerk or was poor. He would also secretly treat revolutionaries who were the resistance against the corrupt Ch’ing Dynasty.

The Ch’ing Dynasty consisted of Manchu emperors, who had conquered China from there home in Manchuria. They were foreign invaders to the southern Chinese. The southern Shaolin Temple in Fukien was a place where revolutionaries would go to train to fight against the Manchus. The temple was destroyed in 1734, but the few monks and students who escaped traveled throughout China to teach their skills. Some styles such as Wing Chun (Bruce Lee’s original style) and Hung Gar Kung Fu (Wong Fei-Hung’s style) emerged. The creator of Hung Gar was Hung Hei-Kwun (another martial arts master that was portrayed by Jet Li in New Legend of Shaolin). He was a Fukien tea merchant.

Wong Fei-Hung’s martial arts training began when he met with his father’s teacher, Luk Ah Choi. Luk Ah Choi taught Wong Fei-Hung the basics of Hung Gar. After, Wong Kay-Ying took over his son’s training. By his early 20’s, Wong Fei-Hung had made a name for himself as a dedicated physician and a martial arts prodigy. In addition to becoming a master of hung gar, he created the tiger-crane form and added fighting combinations now known as the “nine special fists.” Wong Fei-Hung was also skilled with many weapons, especially the long wooden staff and the southern tiger fork. One occasion where he utilised his skill with the staff was when he defeated a thirty-man gang on the docks of Canton. He also protected the weak and poor from both criminal gangs and government forces.

However, his life was not all great joy and triumphs. Wong Fei-Hung’s son, Wong Hawn-Sum, followed his father’s foot steps by protecting the weak and poor of Canton. Unfortunately, he was killed in the 1890’s after being gunned down by the drug gang Dai Fin Yee. After this tragedy, Wong Fei-Hung vowed never to teach his remaining 9 sons martial arts, unless they were targets themselves.

Also, Wong Fei-Hung’s first three wives died young, and after, decided to live the rest of his life alone. But in 1903, during an outdoor martial arts demonstration, he met a 16 year old girl named Mok Gwai Lan, and asked for her hand in marriage. She was also a skilled martial artist who taught all of the women’s classes, and even taught some of the men’s classes, which was rare since hardly any women mastered kung fu at the time. In 1924, Wong Fei-Hung died peacefully, a happy and humble man.

Wong Fei-Hung is truly a hero of China. A hero is somebody noted for feats of courage. A hero does righteous things not for money, not for any other venal motivations except, for the benefit of everybody else.

And when she gets there, he can reach for a bottle of those little blue pills and die with a smile on his face.

Eeerrr…how do I know a woman has reached her so-called “sexual prime” and why is it in her mid 30’s and not let’s say her mid 20’s?
I am not trolling here, but I have never heard of any such thing before reading it on this thread.
Maybe someone can refer me to some scientific abstract or the like.

thanks in advance for the enlightenmen

P.S.: please spare me your anecdotal evidence (i.e. your stories)

by t.ukyo [quote]how do I know a woman has reached her so-called “sexual prime” and why is it in her mid 30’s and not let’s say her mid 20’s?
I am not trolling here, but I have never heard of any such thing before reading it on this thread.[/quote] Teeky my young friend. This is common knowledge. Where have you been?

I’m kind of curious where this idea comes from, but i guess it works … it’s definitely the pick-up line i’m gonna use when my hair turns gray!

Maybe someone can refer me to some scientific abstract or the like.

thanks in advance for the enlightenment[/quote]

Nothing like that right off, but here’s a nice one on the (lack of) correlation between shoe size and penis length… … t=Abstract

Very young females might know less of how to get orgasms etc compared to slightly older women. Older women are more relaxed in bed and they might have gotten rid of complexes inhibiting the enjoyment of sex etc. Just guessing.

But beware the gal in her late 20s who has never before been biblically known by any man – a kind of xiaojie one used to encounter very often in Taiwan. When her primary erogenous zone gets touched for the very first time, the response can be startlingly frenzied and wild as all those years of pent up desire burst into expression. I’ve almost had my back broken and limbs torn off by a couple of those. Definitely too much for an older man to handle!

Nicholas Cage and his wife Alice Kim have an age difference of 20+ years. When they first met, she was a 19 year old waitress at a sushi restaurant Cage was visiting with his friends. They were married within months. She’s pretty cute, that’s for sure, and I guess she doesn’t have to wait on tables any more. The room that Cage is staying in at the Grand Hyatt costs $880,000NT a night!

[b]Hollywood Treasure

American actor Nicolas Cage, left, walks with his wife, Alice Kim,
shortly after arriving at CKS International Airport yesterday.
Cage is in town to promote his latest film, “National Treasure.”

“62 year-ol Woody Allen caused quite a stir in 1997 had married the 27-year old Soon-Yi Previn, the adopted daughter of his former lover, Mia Farrow. Despite the slings and arrows of naysayers, Woody and Soon-Yi are a happy couple enjoying their private lives.”

Woody is a dirty dog.

I can’t see the problem… You can always break up when the age gap starts to bother you. Or are you all still together with your first partner? :astonished:

I have had relationships with men 20 and 28 years older than me. Of course I never expected these relationships to last forever but 5 or 10 years is still a lot better than nothing. :wink:

Somethings are bigger than age. Before she died in her late 60’s, I would have married Audrey Hepburn if she had asked me. And, I would have signed a prenup. That woman was absolutely stunning until the day she died. :notworthy:

You guys are just jealous :loco:

Yes. I told my wife when she reached forty, I was going to trade her in for two twenties. But it turns out I’m not wired for two twenty.

(It’s an old joke.)

Now we know why engineers aren’t renowned for their sense of humour. :stuck_out_tongue:

[quote=“Maoman”] The room that Cage is staying in at the Grand Hyatt costs $880,000NT a night!
[/quote]Maoman how you know that? Yuou stalkin people again???

[quote=“formosa”]EEEWWWWW, he’s 54 and she’s 22 and LOOKS weird. no?

He’s too old to give a shit about the little things, and will make her happy so that he can have peace and quiet…She’s too young to be ‘jaded’ enough to be right about everything…Perfect pair.

[quote=“Namahottie”][quote=“Maoman”] The room that Cage is staying in at the Grand Hyatt costs $880,000NT a night!
Maoman, how do you know that? Are you stalking people again?[/quote]
No, I just read the article. Click the link under the picture. :wink: