Age gap in some Taiwanese couples and sugar babies

I seem to see this quite often in malls and other places in Taiwan. Typically a guy who looks like someone in his 50s or late 40s holding hands with a girl who is clearly early 20s.

Is it common culture in Taiwan to marry someone much younger after you become rich from your business? Or are these sugar babies? More than once when walking around in Shilin and Tianmu I heard an older guy walking with a younger female and making a proposition… usually pretty easy to spot, a younger girl dressed in skimpy clothing and an older guy. One was waving around a contract for some kind of arrangement near 士林站 and negotiating with a young girl. I overheard a bit and they were negotiating monthly rates. Is it pretty standard for rich businessmen in Taiwan to keep a younger mistress?

Are you new to the concept of little 3’s? There’s an entire shopping/hotel complex dedicated to this phenomenon in Kaohsiung.

Welcome to the world, Jim Bob.


Common part of the Taiwan and Chinese culture.

And not just rich businessmen. Even old poor men in small towns have Xiao San.

Or maybe it’s as simple as the girl not caring about the guys age if he’s a decent guy.
I find Taiwanese tend to care less about age gaps than back home.


Common but not standard. Not every rich businessman is a douchebag.


How do you earn such a large salary?

The only babies I got recently are salty babies. :frowning:


I learned new Chinese words today :joy:


Xiao San and er nai are the same.

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Wait, so there’s a place in Kaohsiung where you can go shopping for one? Are they on display with price tags on them?

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No price tags. If you have to see a price before you feel comfortable discusing, chances are you can’t afford.

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Meh, that’s a really outdated concept… I can afford plenty of things, but I generally prefer to know what I’ll have to pay beforehand :slight_smile:

Not an outdated concept. When it comes to male-female “arrangements”, up-front pricing is offered by prostitutes/escorts.

True I suppose, I was thinking along the lines of that old trope of “if you have to ask, you can’t afford it” associated with luxury car/jewelry sales people… the part about upfront pricing was sort of a joke :slight_smile:

…but in this case, you actually DO have to ask right? Given the lack of upfront pricing, you would need some sort of 3rd party pricing reference which I suppose would be hard to come by

…out of curiosity, I actually HAVE asked on occasion and in Taipei, sounds like the going rate is ~NTD100k/mo (anyone else out there with different info, please feel free to chirp in!). Of course, that would probably depend a lot on the girl’s background situation. And while I could afford that (not easily of course), it’s really not worth it to me. I COULD buy a Ferrari and pay for maintenance as well, but why the F would I do that?

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If you are married and your wife catches you with a mistress, can both you and your mistress be put in jail or just you? How much fine does one typically pay for doing such a thing in Taiwan?

are you asking for a friend? :wink:


Just wondering

Buying a human is not okey, buying a car is.

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Adultery is no longer illegal in Taiwan.