Age indicators in Chinese - QUESTION

I’m writing a paper on words/expressions/grammar/phonetic features that can help distinguish between different generations of native Chinese speakers, so it’s a sort of paper on age differentiation in Chinese language. Could anyone recommend me some materials I could use - both theoretical and practical (perhaps there is an interview or a movie where you can see the differences clearly, so I could describe it)?
Thank you!

Are you asking about the features of Chinese to differentiate generations like this for example:

Or is it about how language use is different across generations? like the drift away from dialect and towards standard Chinese?

I am focusing more on the use of language by different generations! But the family tree post is also extremely interesting, thank you!!

Well there’s a ton of them.

This kind of things?

Older generations speak 臺語(臺灣閩南語)、客語 more than younger ones.

If you show some examples of materials, we could find more, or you could ask to your professors or native speakers.

Or 台灣腔 and 北京腔 also could indicate generations?

To add, although it might be obvious, the younger crowd is much more likely to use English terms or English-originated terms (e.g. “我跟你share一下” or “這個東西的CP很高”). Additionally, though I don’t interact with many older Taiwanese, I find that they use Japanese-originated terms more often, especially in 臺語.

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